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Do you want to or already have an online store, but still not sure how to reach your customers / target audience to start having sales?

In today’s article we will give you some tips on what you can do to start having sales. Let’s do this!

Don’t forget about SEO
Of the most, if not the most important step. SEO will help your site appear in searches when someone searches for a keyword or phrase. Thus, it is important that your website has the keywords that within your business area your target audience tends to look for. For example, if your business consists of selling jewelery to women, try entering keywords like “Bracelets for Women” or “Necklaces for Women”, mentioning the product and the audience you want to reach, it can always be a good word- key to make use of.

Good content and photography
Of course, if your customers are going to visit your online store, what will keep them on your site will be having a beautiful, responsive online store (which adapts to any screen). But it is also important that you do not forget to add good content to your website and products, for example, the more detailed and described a product is for sale, the more likely that the person tends to buy without having the need “wasting time” and taking questions with you. Having a page with FAQ’s in your online store is also a good idea so that your customers can immediately clarify doubts that arise frequently, again without the need to ask you, of course you should not give up a form at all and / or give the contacts so that your customers can contact you in case of need. Another important point is the photos of the products you have for sale, it is crucial to always have photos of the products you have for sale. But it is necessary to pay attention to the photo, it is also necessary to note that the photos are beautiful, appealing, that show the small important details. Also having the photos always with the same measurements in all products, will ensure that your store’s feed is more clean and organized.

An organized online store
Just as if in a physical store, it would not make sense to have animal toys along with clothes for people, in an online store it is also important that your products are organized, both for the design of the page to be beautiful, but also as it will facilitate your customer navigating the site depending on what you are looking for and want to buy. Thus, it is important that you separate your products by categories, for example, if you sell clothes for men and women, have a category dedicated to men and others to women, in which when clicking on that category, your customer only sees clothes that they are for example: women.
In this way, if your online store is a store that wants to sell several different types of products, it will be easier to organize each product for each category, making it easier for customers to see it for you.

Pay attention to stocks and orders
After having your online store, it is mandatory to pay attention to the new order notifications that may arrive, the faster you respond to your customers’ orders, the better feedback you will have and, consequently, more people will be able to buy at your store. Delaying orders can give your site a bad reputation and cause people to avoid buying due to the delay. It is also important to pay attention to the stock, if you only have one x of a product in stock, you should pay attention if in case that product runs out and is no longer in stock, you must remove the product from your store or immediately give the product as sold out or out of stock, in order to prevent your customers from buying a product that you don’t have, it is annoying for a person to order something and be expecting to have such a product and then place the order, receive the message to say that the product is out of stock. You can also choose products that are out of stock but that you know you will have again, put the option where, when you have that product on sale again, that your customers are informed that the product is on sale again.

Publish on social networks
Combining your online store with social networks is an excellent way to promote your products and reach more people. A good way to make use of social networks is to create pages dedicated to your business, that is, create a page on facebook or instagram for example, with the same name as your online store. And whenever you put new products in the store, you can make a publication on social networks informing that you have a new article for sale. You can also take the opportunity to make publications on social networks to notify of promotions, offer discount coupons among others …

Paid advertising
It can also be a way to reach your customers and thus have more sales. You will have to invest some of your money to advertise, but it will reach a larger audience and probably your target audience. You can learn more about paid advertising in our article: USE PAID ADVERTISING ON THE INTERNET .

Remember that there is no guarantee that you will have sales on the day your store goes online, just like any business, an online store and having sales is something that takes time to happen but it is also something that has to work constantly to make it happen. . If you put your store online but then do not touch the store, do not publicize your products and do not make your customers visit the store, then you can not wait for things to happen. In every business it is important to publicize and make known what we have to offer / sell people.

What did you think of our tips? Leave your feedback and share this article to help more people sell online.

You still don’t have your online store or want to renew the online store you already have, but don’t know how to do it? You can count on the help of HUB Ativo and our Web Design department to have your online store functional and to your taste, for more information contact us on our contact page or come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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