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Customers in HUB

The top local restaurants are just a touch away. Use your Uber Eats account to order the dishes you want from the restaurants you love.

Uber Eats connects users to their favorite restaurants in the city and, at the moment, the offer already includes more than 1000 restaurants available in Portugal.

With the Uber Eats app it is possible to order meals for all tastes, occasions and locations, always with no minimum order value, every day.

Alteza is a private company that seeks and develops its assets in exclusive real estate. We also offer a variety of consultancy and restructuring services and replacement of real estate assets for success.

Managing, previously developed and in future development plans include residences, luxury buildings and apartments, hotels, resorts and condominium developments.

Today, wealth is not in those who do business. Wealth is in those who know how to manage businesses.

Through individual and group consultancy, we provide training, monitoring, tools, guidelines, encouragement, focus, incentive and skills so that entrepreneurs are able to develop and grow successful businesses.

Our values ​​are Commitment, Integrity, Secrecy, Excellence, Consistency, Improvement and Recognition.

Promoter of events and training programs that offer people unique tools and skills to work towards increasing their asset-based wealth as well as creating passive income.

Regardless of their background, anyone can learn the mindset and strategies to move towards more financial freedom, offering them greater control and choices about their future.

The Academia de Educação e Terepaia – AET, assumes itself as a specialized space in the evaluation and intervention in all stages of development: children, adolescents and adults. Offering a set of high quality services, provided by highly qualified professionals with recognized competence.

Their mission is to provide a quality service governed by the best clinical and professional practices, always with customer satisfaction as the primary objective.

TheFork, a TripAdvisor® brand, is the leading online restaurant reservation platform. TheFork’s mission is to connect restaurants and customers through a network of more than 80,000 partner restaurants worldwide and more than 30.5 million monthly visits.

Through TheFork (website and application), as well as TripAdvisor, users can easily select a restaurant according to their preferences, consult user reviews, check availability in real time and instantly book online 24 hours a day, seven days per week. On the restaurant side, TheFork provides a software solution, TheFork Manager, to optimize reservation management, streamline operations and ultimately improve the service and your revenue.

HUB Partnerships

BNI – Business Network International, is the largest and most successful business reference organization in the world. It is present in more than 73 countries and has more than 265 thousand entrepreneurs and professionals. The basic principle of the organization is based on building trusting relationships in a structured and professional environment, promoting the creation of business among all its members.

The Algarve Tech Hub is a strong technological ecosystem that aims to promote and grow the Algarve region as a global technological hub for companies and individuals focused on technology, identifying talents and attracting international stakeholders in the region, including strategic investors and the digital nomadic community.

Nobis aims to sell consulting services in the area of ​​internationalization with a focus on exporting Portuguese products. Providing services that allow you to trade your product easily, safely and quickly, reducing bureaucracy and optimizing transport logistics.

In a simple way, Nobis Trade prepares and organizes all the necessary legal documentation, so that the export and internationalization process of your company is as safe and effective as possible.

Toastmasters is an international non-profit organization dedicated to improving communication, public speaking and leadership skills through clubs disseminated worldwide.

Through these clubs, Toastmasters International helps its members learn the art of speaking, listening and thinking – vital skills to promote continuous learning, leadership potential and mutual understanding, contributing to personal and human enrichment.

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