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Virtual office

Do you need a virtual office?

This solution facilitates the creation of a professional image of the company. For newly formed companies, entrepreneurs or professionals may have a business address. It is also the ideal solution for foreign companies in the installation phase in the Portuguese market.

Especially for nomads, HUB Ativo has a virtual office service. Companies that work remotely from anywhere in the world but need a professional address to attend to messages and company address.

Other benefits of using
a virtual office:

Professional address
Room rental
Answering calls
Reception of correspondence
Printing services
Company outreach initiatives

Why you should choose a virtual office?

By having a virtual office even without a physical office everything will be treated as if your business has a physical headquarters. The costs are lower when renting or buying a physical office, yet you can take advantage of certain services in HUB Ativo, such as using our rooms or even an office if you need to receive a customer in person.

Professional address and headquarters

With the virtual office service, your company will have a professional address and headquarters at HUB Ativo.

Always available

Your company works even if you are not present physical in the office. We have reception services, answering messages and mail handling.

Extra Room

For those who use the virtual office with interest in the training / meeting room there are promotional packages. So you’ll always have a place for receive clients.

Virtual Offices

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