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Do you have an idea?
Don’t know how to move forward
Looking for an investor?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we have the solution for you

Prepare the Idea

A quick and effective
presentation.Elevator pitch.


Book with us. Safe with
confidentiality agreement.

Create your business

You will have a headquarters, consultancy,
know-how, investors

Next Idea

Do you have an innovative business idea that you want to turn into reality?
Talk to our consulting team to help you develop your business. Vast knowledge
distributed in several areas our consultants will support, advise and even invest in your project to make it a reality.

The Hub Ativo infrastructure, with prepared offices and training, offers what is needed for your idea get off the paper. Researchers who help scale a business to the next level prepared to support the project with know-how and experience as well as with business angeles for capital inflows

In partnership with

+(351) 964 484 066

R. Joaquim Agostinho Fernandes, Portimão

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