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Rua Joaquim Agostinho Fernandes, Portimão
+351 964 484 066
Hub Ativo
Rua Joaquim Agostinho Fernandes,
Lote 1 Cave 2 8500-406 Portimão
Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 19:00

Yes, our training room can be organized according to what the client is looking for. In addition to our living room and training room being equipped with projection equipment, screen and air conditioning, it also has the capacity to be organized in U format or audience. If necessary, when using our training room, you can also request extra services such as catering (additional charge).

Yes, at Hub Ativo we rent our offices by the hour. In case you need it for just a day or a few hours. For the long term, the Hub Ativo has hour packages or if you prefer you can rent monthly.

Yes! In addition to renting our spaces, Hub Ativo also has a Web Design team that creates websites and online stores. Our Web Design team creates websites that are completely customized to the customer’s taste, but with all the requirements to get your business further in the world of the Internet.

You can contact the Hub Ativo through our contacts, such as phone / mobile or email. But if you prefer you can also come visit our space and get to know our offices, our open-space and our training / meeting rooms. The Hub Ativo is located in Portimão, Algarve.

At Hub Ativo we accept cash, bank transfer, MB Way and ATM payments.

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