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Imagine that you have a store with an attractive showcase, on one of the most popular streets in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is more or less what happens when you invest in paid advertising on the Internet. It will automatically become visible to thousands of people who are looking for something related to your business but who didn’t even know you existed.

Betting on paid advertising is very important for both large and small companies. By using a few euros it is already possible to achieve greater visibility, which will certainly result in an increase in traffic to the site and in this way will increase more visits from potential customers who will know and probably use your services or even increase your sales online.

Increasingly, paid advertising is allowing you to target your ads so they can reach exactly the type of audience you need. All of this is done in an effective, simple, flexible, easily measurable and very low cost. In addition, you still have the opportunity to see in real time the performance of your ads and whether they are working or not.

But contrary to what many think when they decide to advertise on the Internet, there is not only one way to advertise, but there are many types of ads and each has its own characteristics, particularities and purposes. Let’s meet some.

Search engine advertisements
One of the most common ways to pay for advertising on the Internet is Search Engine Marketing or better known by search engines, especially in one of them: Google.
In fact, Google already has a method for you to make sponsored ads: Google Adwords.

But how does it work? These paid ads allow you to improve your website’s positioning. For example, using SEM techniques, you can advertise your products, services or content through Google’s advertising service, so that your target audience will find you more easily since your ads will be shown in a relevant way in the results of researches.
As a rule, this type of advertising generally works through pay per click, that is, you will only pay for each click made on your ad. These paid ads are customizable and you have the option to choose the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click on a particular word.

Advertising on social media
It is no secret that more and more people use social media and it is where they spend a great deal of time. Therefore, if you want to highlight your business on social networks, using paid advertising on them to reach more potential customers is also an option that you should not discard at all.
Most social networks already offer the possibility to advertise on their platforms, either to promote messages and content or to create specific ads.
These advertisements also allow you to segment your target audience efficiently, so you will be able to choose what kind of people you want to reach, whether by country, ages, genders and more. These functions offer very affordable prices and you can choose how many days / weeks / months you want your advertising to be advertised.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a way to advertise and you should definitely bet on it, but understand email marketing more as a part of your digital marketing strategy than as a way to advertise itself.
For example, large companies often use e-mails to share promotions without the customer understanding the messages as advertising, including placing the “buy” button directly in the email. These emails are a way to draw attention to your customers to visit your website, whether with promotions, new articles or important information.

Video advertising
More and more people are getting to know and use this tool to advertise. In fact, these video platforms can become an excellent showcase for advertising your products or services. You just need to place ads on video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo or others and advertising will be shown to the user before the video he has chosen starts playing or will be featured in a prominent place in the search results.
This form of advertising also includes banners or advertisements embedded in websites that have a video format. It is proven that with this technique it is possible to attract twice as many users as with an image or text.

But in spite of everything, no matter what type of ad you post, you should always check that you have a good, responsive website, with fast loading and good design or simplifying it to guarantee a good experience for your customers. Take the time to define what information the customer should see when he enters the landing page and make sure it’s useful and attractive to generate conversions.

At HUB Ativo, our web design team will prepare your website so that you can give your customers the best browsing experience, so that when they enter your website through advertising, they ensure that they stay and get to know your company better, services or products you have to sell. You can contact us through our contacts page or if you prefer to come and visit our space, HUB Ativo is located in Portimão, Algarve.

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