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Porque o seu site deve ser responsivo
Have you ever heard of the term “Responsive” or “Responsive”? But you’re not sure what it means and how important it can be to your site? In this article we will take all these doubts and give you to understand why nowadays it is so important and almost mandatory that your website is responsive. Let’s do this!

Are you reading this article through a computer, tablet or mobile phone? This is not a random question. This is being done because more and more the way you browse the Internet is more diverse, and any of the above options is possible! And so, in a way you can already see the importance of having a responsive website, for sure you have already entered a website, for example by your mobile phone, where navigation and reading the website was different and more difficult than when view on a computer. Very small text, need to zoom in to read or press a button in some area of ​​the website, the page does not “fit” entirely within the display of your phone and you have to drag the page sideways to be able to view it? Has it happened to you? So it means that this is NOT a responsive site!

A responsive website is designed to be adapted to any type of screen / resolution, without distortions. A responsive website will identify the width of the device through which they are accessing your website, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer and, in this way, it will be able to determine what space is available and how your website will be shown and fully utilized in that available space and will also help the dimensions of images, texts and other elements that your site may have, so that they are not disproportionate. Making access to the site easy to read and navigate.

Now let’s think, nowadays the increase in the use of mobile phones to surf the internet is growing more and more day by day. People use their cell phones to shop, to search for something, to search for services, to rate restaurants, shops, places, businesses and more. Thus, in addition to the importance of having a business in the world today (having a website) it is also necessary to keep in mind the importance of having your business website adaptable to any device that your client may come to. use to browse your website.

But there are more reasons why your site should be responsive, here are some reasons:

Google is making search engines more responsive to sites that are responsive;
Having a responsive website gives a more positive experience to those who browse it, so you will not lose customers to the competition;
Increased sales if your website is an online store;
Prepared for the devices of the future, that is, how a responsive website will adapt to any screen this leaves your website ready for any device whether it is already on sale or not;
Possibility to win new customers;
These are just some of the reasons, as there are many more so you should have your site responsive.

If you are interested in having a website that is responsive, or if you already have a website but are not responsive, the HUB Ativo has the help you are looking for, our web design team is here to help you create and make your website responsive and totally to your taste, take your business into the future, we are here to help you grow and adapt to trends. Get in touch with us through our contact page, or come and visit us in Portimão and get to know our spaces and services and immediately clear your doubts personally.

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