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Porque deve a sua empresa aderir ao conceito de Escritório Flexível

In the future of work, people will not only work in telework, that is, they will not be stuck in their space at home. The flexible office is the key to a reality that continues to grow in these times.

But what is the flexible office concept? It is a concept that is expanding rapidly, especially because of the pandemic, and the trend is that this growth will be even more intense, considering that it represents the future of work.

Flexible offices are those used according to the needs of people and companies. This means that work can be done at home as teleworking, but also in public spaces with free access, such as libraries and cafes. However, there are situations in which going to the office is necessary and among the options we highlight the coworking spaces .

For example, when you need to receive an important customer for a meeting or are in a location without the necessary infrastructure to work.

It is no exaggeration to say that the flexible office is the key to the future of work. There are several reasons for this and we will explain which ones.

The flexible office promotes collaboration of great ideas
According to a study by Ginger, a service platform for mental health, about 70% of employees are less productive when working from home.

This study and the perceptions of companies, in general, are discovering that totally remote work is not a sustainable measure for organizations. However, working only at the company’s headquarters is also no longer a necessity.

The conclusion that comes with all this is that offices should continue to exist in the future, but not in the traditional way. More and more companies will stop occupying entire properties to rent small spaces in coworkings.

In this way, employees can work at home or anywhere they want at certain times.

However, on some days of the week it may be essential to meet with bosses and coworkers to encourage the development of ideas and collaboration, which serve as a basis for strengthening the organizational culture. In addition, socializing with colleagues also causes employees to create and / or reinforce a feeling of belonging to the company.

Companies need to have elasticity in their structures
As companies adopt a remote working model, they need less space for their headquarters. Now, with the flexible office concept, attendance at the company’s headquarters takes place only when necessary. This is very beneficial for companies, which realize and need to make a cost reduction.

Until recently, it was common to see companies renting entire properties and making long contracts, for five or even 10 years. Now, taking action like this can be risky.

It is much more advantageous to stop renting an entire property and use a cowork space where you can rent a space, be it an office, meeting room etc. thus reducing a lot of costs but still being able to maintain a professional workspace that you only pay when you use it .

At HUB Ativo, a cowork space in Portimão, you can adopt this concept, renting an office, meeting room or even a training room on a daily, monthly or just for a few hours basis.

For more information contact us at our contact page or come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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