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Porque deve utilizar um espaço Cowork

Cowork spaces are gaining more and more prominence in Portugal, they are more and more the shared work environments. But, contrary to what was seen initially, it is not only freelancers who look for these places to work. Today, the number of entrepreneurs and even large companies adopting coworking is growing.

Ideal for professionals from different areas, who want facilities to work at reduced prices and with multiple services available, coworking spaces are here to stay. But why is the use of cowork space gaining so much popularity?

Well, a coworking space allows those who work alone to have a space that provides comfort and an environment conducive to business. For example, for freelancers who are tired of using the nearest library or café, this can be an excellent option. Especially because it is not always easy to have enough income to go to a private office. In addition, in a cowork, the “open-space” trend is an advantage.

For those who want to concentrate all their energies on the business, freeing themselves from tasks related to logistics, the coworking space is perfect. In addition to water, electricity, internet and telephone services, you will not have to worry about long contracts, cleaning, maintenance, etc.

In these spaces, there is access to all the services necessary for business development. In addition to being able to enjoy a comfortable and properly equipped space, most coworks offer their members services such as reception of correspondence and special prices for the use of other services. These facilities have attracted many large companies (even international ones), who choose to rent fixed desks or private offices in cowork spaces for their employees.

But there is more … For many people, working from home has associated advantages, such as comfort, time savings and the possibility of saving on office and food expenses. But for others, working at home is synonymous with a drop in motivation and attention.

Many people say they cannot concentrate when they work from home. In addition, the fact that they are alone, always in the same environment, causes motivation to decrease considerably. The consequence of this lack of stimuli is, of course, the decrease in productivity.

A coworking space, shared with members from the most varied areas, can act as an extra injection of enthusiasm. So, if you are creating your business or even need a space to work to get out of the routine of working at home, consider the possibility of using a cowork space. Motivation and concentration will allow you to achieve the success you want sooner than you think.

Coworking is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in the current job market. If you are looking for a place to work, alone or as a team, an environment of sharing space and knowledge can be extremely advantageous.

Get to know the Active HUB and our cowork space in Portimão, for more information contact us at our contacts page or come and visit us and find out about this and other services that we have for you.

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