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Quais os tipos de site que existem E qual o ideal para si

When we think of websites we are not always aware of the variety of types of websites that exist. In today’s article we will introduce you to some types of sites that exist and explain a little about them.

Let’s do this!

Institutional Site
An institutional website is usually the choice of most companies. This site consists of a few pages of information about the business, services and products, prices and ways to get in touch. This website is practically like an online business card. Institutional sites are good for companies that want to have their presence on the internet, it is ideal to present your company in a professional way to your customers.

Dynamic website
In contrast to the Institutional website, as its name says, this type offers more dynamism.
In dynamic websites, in addition to institutional content, there is the incorporation of a blog, which gives the opportunity for the company to invest in Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – two essential tools to attract potential customers. online, in addition to strengthening the relationship with the audience, and attracting and nurturing leads, that is, the target audience.

Also called online stores, on eCommerce sites it is possible to sell or buy a product. An e-commerce site is excellent for merchants and retailers who want to expand their business, displaying their products also on the internet. They are built with verification systems that allow the consumer to order directly from the online store, quickly and in a very safe, intuitive and quick way. However, it is worth noting that maintaining an eCommerce requires time to constantly update the store (include products, change prices, insert product dimensions and weight for shipping calculation, etc.).

One-page sites
As the name implies, this site is a site that contains only one page. All information is loaded on a single page, as the user scrolls through the content. The main advantage of this type of website is that it works well in mobile applications, because it usually takes less time to load. Because they are very intuitive, they are also ideal for companies that aim to reach a younger and busier audience. When clicking on any link in the menu, the site just automatically scrolls to the respective section, without needing to load a new page or leave the current page for another one.

Blogs can be added to a dynamic website. In general, blogs are sites designed for loyal readers, who log in every day to check the news. They must always target a target audience and are completely dependent on their success in order to generate some revenue. In general blogs are potential tools for dissemination and marketing, as they manage to convince customers in a more subtle way (with tips, for example) instead of a direct ad. The blog should always connect with social networks and encourage horizontal browsing (making the reader jump from article to article, staying as long as possible online). Many companies use blogs to maintain a more informal relationship with their consumers and create a bond with them.

Landing Page

Landing pages is an English term for conversion pages, this is a type of website that is used with the clear objective of attracting customers and producing conversions for your company.
Conversions are actions that the landing page will perform, such as filling out a form to download an e-book, or filling in the customer’s email and name to watch a video or even to show interest in a specific service that you want to sell.
After the customer enters their data such as e-mail, name, phone number and others, it is possible to set up a database with several contacts, and use this database to relate and conduct possible business.
Types of Landing Page style sites usually have strategic and attractive elements to carry out conversions.

Portals are basically aggregators of diverse content. Generally, they are built with a focus on the public’s interest, so that they come back to visit you daily. It is common, for example, that along with their content, portals offer directories for other sites, news, weather, quotes, maps, chat rooms, forums, etc.
This type of website is ideal for companies that sell “information”, and aim at the return of the consumer so that he consumes his “product”.

But what is the best website option for your business?
After understanding each type of website, even before making a decision, you need to consider some items that are essential, whatever your niche, and whatever website you plan to build

– It must be kept in mind that the website must be designed for easy integration with social networks. After all, you want your customers to talk about you on their social networks, right?
– It is important to assess what resources will be present on your website, whether you want to share videos, slides, presentations and how you intend to display them, whether on static pages (one page / landing page), or constantly updated.
– Lastly, you also need to assess what your target audience’s habits are on the internet. For example, if your consumers often visit your site on smartphones, you should spend some time looking for the best way to present yourself to mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet).
– Also keep in mind a design according to your target audience. For example, if your audience is younger, it is essential that your website has the latest trends whether in services, website design or products. If your audience is more traditional, you need to think about navigation ergonomics in the most intuitive and easy way possible.

Whatever your choice, we are here to guide you better. At HUB Ativo we create any type of website, for more information contact us through our contacts page, or if you prefer, come and visit HUB Ativo in Portimão and get to know this e other services we have for you.

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