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Escritório Virtual - Porque deve escolher este serviço

The idea that it is necessary to have a physical headquarters prevented many entrepreneurs from considering the idea of ​​advancing already with their business ideas. But the virtual office came to change that thinking and help companies.

Quality structure, good service and credibility for you and your customers are some of the advantages of virtual offices. We will explain who is the virtual office, how this service works and why you should consider this option for your business.

What is the virtual office service?

A virtual office is nothing more than a physical space that provides the address and certain services for companies that do not necessarily want to rent an office. Among these services we can highlight the tax address, delivery of correspondence and telephone service

That is, you pay a monthly price to use the address of the space and still have access to exclusive services.

It is also possible to rent offices, meeting rooms or training rooms at special prices when hiring the virtual office service. And this generates a great reduction in costs, since you only pay according to demand and still have the convenience of using fully furnished rooms to receive customers and partners, when necessary.

Who can opt for this virtual office service?
There are several situations in which it can be quite interesting to opt for this type of service. Below we will talk about the main ones.

1. Who is starting a business:
A freelance professional who is starting a company but still does not want to have the expense of buying or renting a physical space, or even companies that provide digital services. But to be able to register the company and transmit credibility to your customers, you need a business address that is not your home.

In addition, you may want a professional service and at certain times you may need to hold face-to-face meetings. The virtual office is the perfect solution!

2. Expanding:
Knowing that it is possible to work remotely, whether at home, on a trip traveling or in a cowork space, several companies are already thinking about adopting the remote model permanently. This allows the teams to be distributed in several neighborhoods, cities and even countries. This also contributes to the eventual expansion of business to other places.

But having an office headquarters in each of these places can be expensive, right? And that is where the virtual office comes in. With the service, it is possible to have branches in dozens of cities without jeopardizing the budget and operational efficiency.

3. Reducing costs:
If your company is reducing costs, a virtual office plan may be the ideal solution. You will have the business address and services already mentioned above, as well as a physical structure for your employees to work when necessary. However, you will not have to bear the fixed costs of a traditional commercial room, which are considerably higher.

The cost of a virtual office is more affordable than renting or buying space.


Want to join the virtual office service? Talk to our team through our contact page or come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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