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A Importância de Formações para Pessoas e Empresas

Training is always a way to learn more and expand our knowledge more, we are creating more knowledge bases that will be important for our personal life but even more for our professional life.

For an individual with more training, it is easier to find a job. A person can always choose to have training in specific areas of interest or if he prefers to have training on various topics and thus have on his curriculum a whole range of training to present to companies. By obtaining new information and techniques in addition to being better prepared for the day-to-day work, having more knowledge, will make the individual have a higher level of confidence and adopt a more positive and safe point of view at certain times because he won’t fear the competition, because he ended up improving more than other people who may not have so much training and knowledge.

That said, let’s talk about the importance of training for companies, as stated above, a person who is hired by a person with more training, will have the advantage of having a professional working with them with more knowledge, more secure, more willing help and give new ideas for the company to proceed.

But what about the professionals who have already been hired? This is where a factor comes in that all companies, large or small, should take into account, in-company training. The fact that a company focuses on learning from its current employees is also important, as it maintains the same team that already knows the company, its ideas are always an advantage to take into account before hiring new people and replacing old members with new ones. So having in mind giving these members the opportunity for training is something that companies should think about first, this way all members will have equal knowledge, there will be more people helping the company to move forward with new ideas and knowledge, for example if a client who is interested in an advanced project of last generation, he can count on his team, in order to respond to this requirement. You will only have to do an analysis of what the current skills of your team are, and see who can perform this task with quality and stay ahead of the project, but there may still be the option of having several members that you can choose so that they they form specialized working groups, which will guarantee a quality result in the task in question. Therefore, a company should analyze what it can develop in its team and the training that will be indicated they have, so that the company is always one step ahead and ensure that it has a team prepared for any challenge that may arise.

So if you are a member of a company that does not invest in the training of its members, let them know the importance of training in your company. Or even if you are a company that did not know this importance, then start training your team today and see your company moving forward. But if you are an unemployed individual, training is also important for you, it will open new doors for you to jobs or even to start your company.

If you do not know the right place to give training or even where you can have training, at HUB Ativo we have a training room available for rent, our room is equipped with a projector, projection screen, Internet access and even U-organization availability or audience, with a capacity of up to 25 people and with the possibility of catering service (extra cost), we already have some training courses to be held in our space that you can register to participate in, come and see our training room, our services and to clarify your doubts, you can visit our space in Portimão, in the Algarve. If you prefer you can contact us through our contact page.

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