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A Importância das Redes Sociais nas Empresas

In this article we are going to talk about the importance of social networks in the job market.
Nowadays social networks are increasingly present in people’s daily lives, now it is more common for someone to go to a social network to read the news instead of reading a newspaper. And it is for this and many other reasons that social media is very important these days.

Now we will explain some advantages of using social networks:

Increase visibility:
One of the great goals of those who invest in digital marketing is to show and be able to show users of these social networks their company, this is the famous branding. Social networks are a great way to increase visibility and make the company known to the world.

Build relationship:
Social networks, in addition to increasing the visibility of our company, are great because they let us know the opinion of customers, so that you can have a closer relationship with them and that you can find ways to improve.

Work on brand positioning:
The way we position our brand on social media is very important because with a good positioning we can achieve greater market relevance. Creating a good strategy to ensure a good image is also important, we have to position ourselves on social media in a way that fully influences how consumers see their performance in general.

Improve engagement:
Working on engagement in social networks is very important to keep current customers and to gain new customers. After all, engaged customers are likely to indicate and even defend the brand on social media. On these platforms, engagement takes place in several ways: with emojis, comments, likes, tags and shares. Many of these reactions can be stimulated by the brand itself using mental triggers (Mental triggers are nothing more than the stimuli the human brain receives to make a decision, and some salespeople use them to take customers out of their comfort zone by influencing the person to purchase any product or service.)

Generate traffic to other channels:
Social networks also serve as a source of traffic generation for other brand channels, such as website, blog, landing pages, and so on. This is normal when these platforms are used intelligently, together with other digital marketing actions. And with the help of good complementary work it also provides increased conversions.

Reduce marketing costs:
Traditional media was, for a long time, one of the main focuses of marketing, with only the big brands being able to maintain an adequate budget to occupy the best spaces in this format.
Even though traditional media still has a lot of strength, one thing is for sure, it’s very expensive and doesn’t always have great returns. Digital marketing through social media brings many more advantages, such as being cheaper and able to generate a much greater reach with the smallest budget.

As we saw in this article, the importance of social media for companies is also increasingly evident. With so many people willing to spend part of their time visiting the most interesting profiles, companies gain new business opportunities.
Conquering and engaging people so that they interact with a brand may not be an easy task, but it increases the range of possibilities and opportunities for new companies to gain their space in the market.

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