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As Vantagens de usar o Pixel do Facebook no seu Website

In today’s article we will introduce you to a tool that is gaining more and more popularity on the internet, the Pixel.

To avoid confusion, we start by clarifying that there are two pixels, the one in photography, and what we are going to talk about today is the Facebook pixel, although the names are the same, these two terms are used for completely different things.

Some people who have heard of Facebook’s Pixel may find it to be strictly technical and difficult to understand. But once you know the benefits of using the pixel, things become more interesting.

Without further ado, let’s get down to it!

What is Facebook Pixel?
To start with the most obvious, this tool is part of Facebook Ads.
It is an analytical tool that is offered to people using the Facebook ad platform. This tool allows you to monitor the conversion and reach important audiences. That is, it is a great help to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns you make and measure the actions of visitors on your site.

How does it work?
When installing the pixel inside your site, this tool will start to track and analyze the behavior of visitors to your site, visitors who arrive through Facebook ads.
This monitoring of actions can be viewed on the pixel page of Facebook, on this platform you can find out what actions have been taken and you can reach users again in the best way with future announcements.

So, if you want to get data like, registrations, purchases and content views generated by users who arrived at your site through Facebook advertising, then installing the pixel on every page of your site is ideal!

Who can use Pixel?
The pixel can be used by anyone who is a user of Facebook Ads! Whether you have an institutional website, an online store or even a page to get Leads.
Just have access to your website code and know how to insert the pixel to start measuring the results of your Facebook Ads.

How is it used?
To begin the explanation, each Facebook ad account has an associated conversion pixel, which is called a Facebook pixel ID.
This number is a pixel identification number that serves to differentiate users. To use Pixel you must include the code on the page or pages of your website. When doing this, the pixel already starts to follow the behavior of the user who arrives through advertising, until the page where the code was inserted. And in this way it starts sending information about the actions that the user performed on the spot. That simple.

What information does Pixel collect?
Pixel will understand and inform the path that users took until the purchase.
These are some of the events that the pixel collects.

See what are the standard Facebook pixel events:
– Add payment information
– Add to cart
– Addition to the wish list
– Session started
– Session ended
– Purchase
– Contact
– Donate
– Find location
– Application submission
– Start evaluation
– Start purchase confirmation
– Sign up
– Customize product
– Search
– View content.

But that’s not all, there you can have access to information that may be useful for the next advertising campaigns, information such as:

– Demographic data, such as age, educational level, profession, relationship, among others;
– Most used devices (pc, mobile phone, tablet);
– Frequency of activities such as “likes” comments and shares;
– Location;

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