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Team-Building O que é e os seus benefícios

In today’s article we will talk about the term Team-Building. Some companies / businesses already know but not all of them put it into practice, while others do not know and do not know the benefits that this may bring to your company.

Let’s start by explaining this term … Team-Building is also known as “Team-building”, its translation already reveals a little of what it is about. It is a business technique that is usually used to foster team spirit and work among employees through a series of activities organized by the company. The objective that is intended to be achieved with team-building, is to find several different types of activities, for example, presentations to integrate new members in the team, activities of confidence to work side by side with a team, among others. Team-building is a great way to also foster workers’ strategic thinking.

In this way, the members of the company spend more time together, share experiences or work towards the same goal, which means that an engagement between employees happens in a more organic and efficient way, through the creation of bonds and the exchange of information with each other. .

Team Building also provides opportunities to improve self-knowledge, which is essential for individual progress. Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, it is more advantageous to focus on what has the greatest potential, right?

And what are the advantages of doing Team-Building?
Although with the text above you can already get some idea of ​​its advantages, we will reinforce more benefits:

– Increases employee motivation: Motivation is the guide to achieving good productivity. Remember that motivated employees will also be happier at their job.

– Encourages group involvement: The team spirit of the different activities fosters a sense of identity and group involvement.

– Creates bonds between colleagues: Team building activities also stimulate bonds between workers, improving interpersonal relationships between coworkers.

– Improve team communication: For a company to function, it is essential that communication and interaction between team members flow.

– Increases creativity: The relaxed environment and the dynamics of activities make workers meet different goals and stimulate their creativity.

To conclude, it is significant to have these moments of fellowship in order to demonstrate to employees that they are valued by the company, in addition to being an indispensable factor for success.

After all, the internal customer, as well as the external one, also expects creativity and innovation from the company. You need to feed it because human capital is one of the factors that most adds value to an organization, and the interesting thing is that they are constantly evolving, which becomes more noticeable when the institution collaborates for it.

All of this also cooperates for the well-being of the team, which in the end should be the first to be satisfied with the company, since by admiring the work and feeling that it makes a difference, the group is motivated to achieve results and collaborates to hit goals.

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