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Escritório Compartilhado O que é e suas vantagens

In today’s article, we will talk about the concept of shared, which goes far beyond a mere work environment.

What is a shared office?
The shared office is synonymous with coworking / Cowork. However, it is not limited to sharing infrastructure aimed at companies and professionals. It means, above all, belonging to a community, which translates into a new way of working, with more freedom, economy and flexibility.

The shared office is carefully thought out to allow a productive and collaborative environment for members and eventual visitors. Through a dynamic environment, which is created without corporate restrictions, coworking is designed to meet the needs of companies or individuals who work for themselves.

With this concept, people work but they also generally share equipment, ideas and knowledge.

Shared office for large companies
Many people associate the shared office only with startups, small businesses, freelancers, freelancers and the like. Yes, coworkings are geared towards this audience as well, but more and more large companies are looking to use flexible work spaces.

Far from being a passing thing, the shared office represents a strategic move for large organizations. After all, looking for more competitiveness and differentiation in the market, these companies have the advantages of these environments for their employees.

Among other benefits, the shared spaces represent diverse networking opportunities on a day-to-day basis, which means a community of partners, mentors and potential customers, in addition to a set of talents at your disposal.

Shared office for startups, small and medium-sized companies
The shared office is also ideal for startups and small and medium-sized businesses. One of the advantages of the flexible environment for these organizations is that it does not have a long or bureaucratic contract, it is accessible to any pocket and has meeting rooms, private offices, training rooms, the internet and much more.

If you go to a cowork space, for example, you won’t have to worry about the cost of cleaning, water or even light. Soon it becomes a more profitable option than buying a physical space.

Shared office for freelancers and freelancers
As it could not be otherwise, the shared office is also a perfect environment for freelancers and self-employed professionals. For them, this space represents a great freedom to work where, when and how they want. In addition, there are the advantages of being in a highly productive space and being part of a community of people with common values ​​and goals.

The shared office is the perfect antidote for those who would be forced to work alone or in noisy cafes, with the possibly slow internet.

Since the shared office is full of ambitious, creative and interesting people, who work in the most diverse types of businesses and niches, being within these environments is great for making new friends and meeting potential customers and partners.

What are the advantages of the shared office?
As we have highlighted, the shared office is a workplace aimed at the most diverse companies and professionals. It is also designed to enable a productive, innovative and collaborative environment.

In addition, it is a space for interaction, ideas and sharing. In times of very rapid change, this concept has arrived to revolutionize and reinvent the universe of work. This means that whoever is inside coworking becomes part of a community.

Among its particularities, we can say that the shared office has a complete structure. It includes private offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, decompression spaces and much more.

In this environment, self-employed professionals and companies of all types and areas of activity work side by side. All of them are focused on their activities, but at the same time, attuned to what happens around them.

It is not uncommon for people with completely different professional profiles to share the same table and end up starting a conversation that can generate good ideas, great partnerships and even new business. It is an excellent way to increase networking and bring more benefits to your career or company.

Private offices
Private offices are reserved spaces within the shared office for companies that wish to have a little more privacy, without losing all the benefits that this type of location has to offer. They can be varied sizes, according to the business need and the availability of coworking.

In private offices, the company can adopt its own visual identity in the internal decoration to reflect its values ​​and culture. At the same time, it has access to all the basic services of a shared office, such as access to the pantry, the reception and access to the meeting rooms.

Meeting room / training
The meeting rooms of the shared offices are a big draw. They may have varying capacities, but they all come with modern and complete equipment for very productive meetings. Each coworking has its own particularities, but, in general, all have a TV, projector and support material, such as a white board.

The scheduling control is up to the person who administers the location. The rooms can be booked on time, which is ideal for those who use little, or be included in the coworking use package, according to the needs of each company or professional.

Using coworking space is much cheaper than maintaining a traditional office. To get an idea see the expenses that you will not have to pay when using a shared office:

  • rental of the property;
  • reception / secretarial service;
  • cleaning and building maintenance service;
  • cleaning materials;
  • water, electricity and condominium expenses;
  • phone and internet;
  • furniture and equipment in common use.

Tax address
One of the most popular services in coworking spaces is the tax address / headquarters, which consists of using the address of the shared office for tax and logistical purposes. It is the ideal solution for companies that operate remotely and that do not always need to allocate their employees on site, but who need an address to receive correspondence and issue invoices.

Despite being an independent service, both the tax address and the use of private offices can be contracted together, closing packages that are more advantageous, especially from a financial point of view.

After reading our article, were you interested in using a shared space? Come and see HUB Ativo, a business center with shared space/Cowork located in Portimão. Get to know this and other services we have for you, for more information contact us through our contact page or visit the HUB Ativo.

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