When to Jump

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Aprenda através das experiências de várias pessoas que deram o salto e nunca mais olharam para trás. Quando Mike Lewis tinha vinte e quatro anos e trabalhava numa prestigiada empresa de consultoria, não se sentia realizado. Ganhar bem, ter uma carreira promissora era bom. Mas sentia um vazio e não se sentia feliz e realizado. Queria ansiosamente sair dali e perseguir o seu sonho. No entanto, tinha dúvidas: Poderia dar-se ao luxo de deitar fora esta oportunidade? Uma carreira que tantos sonhavam ter? Estaria a ser ingrato? E, se saltasse para fora do seu emprego: Qual era o momento certo para mudar de um trabalho confortável para uma carreira com a qual apenas sonhara? Como é que as outras pessoas davam esse salto? O que é que elas sentiram e como resolveram os desafios que vieram depois?

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Additional Info

An inspiring book that presents the necessary steps to intensely pursue your dream career.

Learn from the experiences of several people who took the leap and never looked back. When Mike Lewis was twenty-four years old and worked for a prestigious consulting firm, he was not fulfilled. Earning well, having a promising career was good. But he felt empty and did not feel happy and fulfilled. He eagerly wanted to get out of there and pursue his dream. However, I had doubts:

Could you afford to throw this opportunity away? A career that so many dreamed of? Was he being ungrateful?

And if he jumped out of his job:

When was the right time to switch from a comfortable job to a career you had only dreamed of? How did other people make that leap? What did they feel and how did they solve the challenges that followed?

Mike sought the guidance of others who had made the leap, interviewing them, talking and asking all their questions. The apprenticeships he obtained – from a banker who started a brewery, from an executive who became a bishop, from a garbage collector who became a furniture designer, among many others – were so clear and inspiring that he wanted to share what he had learned . Many had the same fears, problems and obstacles. In fact, it was enough to learn from them! Mike wanted to share immediately, but first… he took his own leap and went to fulfill his dream of dropping everything and playing squash professionally.

The right book at the right time: When to Jump offers more than forty encouraging stories (from the founder of Bonobos, the author of The Big Short , the logo designer Carstache by Lyft, the creator of Humans of New York, and many more) and topics (including the ingenious Heel Curve) that will inspire, teach and reassure you.

“A vibrant and inspiring guide for those who want to make the leap from normal to extraordinary.” – TONY ROBBINS, author bestseller # 1 of The New York Times

“A simple and powerful message: be brave. Everyone should have these words on the wall: we only have one life! ” – THE DAILY MAIL

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Cover: Soft Cover
Date of 1st edition : January 15, 2019
Dimensions : 16 x 23 cm
Number of pages : 368

Book written in portuguese

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