Create Your Economy


Discover the entrepreneur in you and build a recession-proof life.

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Discover the entrepreneur in you and build a recession-proof life.

Tired of the constant threat of unemployment and financial difficulties, millions of people are making the leap: handmade jewelry, homemade food, personal training, development of mobile phone applications, etc … They increase their income and create safety nets for the eventuality to be thrown into unemployment. Along the way, they give free rein to their creativity and achieve personal fulfillment that they never thought possible. Financial columnist Kimberly Palmer reveals this growing movement, starting by telling her own path.

Recognizing that journalism did not offer great stability (and with a baby to feed), he decided to develop financial guides. His shadow business quickly became a stable source of income. Create Your Economy tells the story of people who are freed from financial distress. A grocer who makes cakes at night. An instrument repairer who sells dubbing services online. A videographer who founded a profitable publisher in her spare time. Create Your Economy is full of concrete advice for those looking to launch profitable businesses, including: tips for figuring out which job is right for you; ideas for keeping initial costs low; advice on combining a business with a full-time job; strategies to find your customers and build a network of contacts; promotion and brand building techniques; and many other precious pieces of advice.

Companies guarantee only the current month’s salary. Achieve stability by becoming a money machine. This will become invigorating, rewarding and easy with this book.

Additional information:

Author: Kimberly Palmer
Cover: Soft Cover
Date of 1st edition: 8 October 2014
Dimensions: 160 x 229 x 15 mm
Number of pages: 256
ISBN: 9789899870680