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Due to the situation of COVID – 19 did you have to work at home? In today’s article we will introduce you to some tools that you can use to make your day-to-day work at home easier.

Serene and Forest to turn off distractions

Serene is an application that will help you turn off phone distractions when you need to focus, online. This application sets a daily objective (for example, reviewing a report or preparing a presentation) and dividing that objective into tasks. In addition, it will also block other applications / sites that can distract, for example, YouTube and use “focus stimulators” such as, for example, clocks in countdown until the next pause.

The Forest application works as a game for when you want to take a break or focus on a single task. It works like a game in which you “plant a virtual tree” that grows during your break. The tree dies when you lose focus and consult other sites or applications.

Slack or Teams

These platforms are instant messaging platforms. That is, you can exchange direct messages between different users. But what differentiates it from other platforms like Messenger or WhatsApp? Well, the difference is that there are no messages from friends or family in the same screen space, so you will not be distracted from reading and replying to messages from family and friends, you will only receive messages about your work.


With this program you will be able to share with several people suggestions for a specific theme or project, through messages in the form of balloons.
The objective is to visualize the ideas of different team members and understand how they can be interconnected.


During a time of teleworking, this social network can help you find and speak with professionals in the same sector.

Zoom e Skype

These programs are used both for the exchange of messages but also widely used for video calls. With these programs you can meet by video conference with customers, co-workers or managers.


The name says it all, Calendar is a program that works like a calendar so that you can manage all your events, meetings and other appointments in one place without the need for dozens of emails.


With this program you can organize your tasks and make a checklist. This way you will always be aware of what is to be done and what is already done.

Still don’t know how to benefit from teleworking? Take a look at our article on how to take advantage of work at home and take join the tips of this article and today’s article to improve your telecommuting experience.

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