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With the whole situation of COVID – 19 in Portugal and in the world, many companies are choosing to work at home for the protection of customers and employees.
In today’s article we are going to give some advice to workers who are working from home and how they can make it work with productivity.

Establish a work routine
We know that working at home sometimes turns out to be an invitation to distraction, so we advise you to structure a routine. Organize in advance what you have to do, establish a work schedule, you can even choose to do the same schedule as you do at your place of work, so this way, even though you are working at home, it will be almost as if you had it at your place of work. job. Wake up early, take a shower, have breakfast, get dressed, all the same as if you were going to work outside the home.

Advance tasks

Take advantage if you have some free time to advance some work tasks that may be late or that you would be late to do later. Consult and respond to your emails, get in touch and look for new potential customers. Being at home is no reason to give up looking for new opportunities to make our services and new customers known.

Create your environment
Working at home gives you a certain freedom to make you feel more comfortable because you are in your space, so take advantage of it, work listening to the music you like, take breaks to rest, eat and hydrate or go until the window / balcony get some air and sun. Open your home windows, let your home’s airy and bright. If you feel tired, then take a longer break and do something that relaxes you and renews your energies and / or inspires you, a little exercise, reading, listening to the podcast, meditating, among others. Choose to have water, coffee etc close to you, to avoid getting up constantly, as this can be an invitation to detect homework to do.

Keep in touch with bosses and co-workers
Keeping in touch is very important, not only promotes the effectiveness of work but also helps to remove the feeling of loneliness. Contact your colleagues and managers, be in contact with each other to inform and be aware of tasks already accomplished, what is to be accomplished and even share new ideas for the business.

Take advantage of video calling programs
Need to speak or meet with colleagues / bosses or customers? Take advantage of programs like Skype, Zoom, among others, to meet by video call.

You can still continue to sell your products
Does your business consist of selling products? Know that you can choose to have an online store and sell your products also online. In this way, even if your physics is closed with an online store, your business will remain online open 24 hours a day for customers and possible target audiences. Without the need for physical presence, you can also contact your customers, clarify doubts about your services and products, recommend and much more. Your sales don’t have to be stopped, your customers buy online and you just have to send the products.

If you want to bet on the online store, know that HUB Ativo has a web design team ready to help you keep your business running and selling. For more information contact us through our contacts page.

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