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Site pessoal Entenda a importância de mantê-lo

The personal website works like an online portfolio. Therefore, it can be the gateway to new job opportunities. See why and how to keep it.

Currently, the internet is a field full of work opportunities for countless types of professionals. Regardless of your area of ​​expertise, having a personal website can be the key to getting good business opportunities. Such a site lends itself to personal promotion. In other words, you can add your work already done to it. They can be either student-oriented or professional-type. So this is a way to introduce yourself and generate interest.

Below, see all the reasons to bet on creating a site like this. Also, learn some tips on how to keep it. Thus, you attract the public’s attention and create more and more professional opportunities.

Why create a personal website?
If you still have doubts about the importance of the personal site in the year 2021, this article is perfect for you. Today you find here all the reasons to bet on this type of page as a professional strategy.

Publish your works
View your website as a resume. However, instead of taking it to other people, they have free access to it. After all, it is online and available on a web access link. That’s why it’s a great way to spread the word.
Consider, for example, that you work with photography. Anyone looking for these services can see some of his work on his personal website. In this way, you find references about the quality and experience you have.

Keep your portfolio up to date
Another reason to maintain a personal website is that it is easily updated. Imagine you are negotiating with a company and share your portfolio with them. However, during this period he did new work that further enriched his experience.
Old and PDF templates, for example, you would need to make a new document and resubmit it. In the case of the portfolio in the own website model, just update it. Thus, the same previous link will give access to new works.

Show plurality of experience
A personal website allows you to demonstrate the plurality of your experiences. Thus, you have the chance to show that the professional works in different areas within a job. With this, it attracts greater chances of closing different deals.

Who can have a personal website?
In general, this type of website is used for the purpose of advertising services. That is, as an online portfolio. However, he is not limited to that. Companies can use a site like this for project launches, for example.
Likewise, you can use the site to engage a cause that you support or believe. This can be done by individuals or companies as well as organizations.
Thus, you can use the personal type site for a number of purposes, such as:

  • Blog;
  • Resume;
  • Portfolio;
  • For events such as graduations, weddings, parties and launches.

Tips for maintaining a personal website
Finally, here are some tips on how to maintain your site for it to succeed. They are essential for whatever the end of your page. In other words, they serve to promote causes, projects and products. Also, to present your resume online and attract business.

Enjoy assistance in creating your page
It is essential that your website is thought of from the start. Relying on professional help is essential for this. And you can find help for this in online services. The Active HUB helps you create your website and make it your own!

Have solid planning for your site
In addition to the precautions when developing your website, it is essential that it has a plan. Of course, some updates will depend on the progress of your projects and work. However, some types of content require programming.
For example, when presenting a project you can use text that follows a sequence. With this, you demonstrate a problem or a situation and, little by little, demonstrate how your product or service can be the solution.
So, think carefully about the business you are in. Also, select subjects and situations that relate to what you offer. With this, you can attract the audience in a smart way.

Use digital marketing strategies
Finally, another essential strategy in maintaining a personal website is the application of digital marketing strategies. They involve, for example, the use of subjects and posts we talked about above.
Consider advertising photography services. So, create content of the importance of having a professional photographer. Or how to find a professional for every type of event and situation.
In doing so, apply SEO rules. They involve the use of images, keyword placement and postings on social media, newsletter and other tools. So, be sure to apply these strategies and ensure the success of your personal website!

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