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Novas Tendências do Web Design

Like fashion, web design does not escape trends, trends that result from various factors, including technology, which is constantly evolving and has a profound impact on the user experience, in this article we will show some of the trends of the Web Design that are important when creating your website or online store.

Mobile First: Responsive website:
It is not something recent, that searches are done today in a large part on smartphones and tablets , in fact the searches made by these devices have already surpassed the searches done on the laptop / desktop (computer). With this change, the way users relate to the web has completely changed and, consequently, sites must be prepared to be viewed on mobile devices. In this way, a web designer must always pay attention when creating the website where it is adapted to be viewed both on a computer and on a smarthphone .

Loading speed:
3 seconds or less, this is how long it takes a user to decide whether they want to leave or stay on a website. Due to the speed algorithm announced by Google, it is essential to decrease the loading time of a website in order to improve the ranking in the search engine as it will be an important factor in the user’s decision and desire to stay or want to leave your website.

Animation Elements:
Although there are many web designers against and others in favor of animation elements, the truth is that nowadays the cancellation of animated elements cancels two important elements of web design: movement and interaction. Web sites should be much more than images and static text. Simple and subtle animation elements can help your users to understand and highlight important / interesting points. But remember that although essential, the elements of animation should not be overused as it can hinder your website’s attention objectives.

Forget about right and 90º angles and bet on curves. Bet on fluid , geometric and asymmetric shapes and preferably mixed with bold colors . Organic shapes with fluid lines are the ones that work best because they mean accessibility and comfort. Because they are imperfect and asymmetrical in nature, they still enable the depth of the site.

Now that you know some of the main trends in web design, reflect before you start making these changes: like other fashion trends and other themes, trends in web design also have to be adapted to your company’s identity to work well.

But if you still have some doubts and don’t know how to implement these new trends on your website, the Active Hub is here to help you, with our Web Designers team that is available to create or renew your website with new trends but always personalized to your liking. For more information contact us on our contact page .
Or if you prefer, come and visit our space, we are located in Portimão, Algarve and we will be happy to help you create or renew your website so that your online business is up to date.

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