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You have certainly heard the word marketing and how important it is in companies, whether small or large. In this article we will talk and explain the important and indispensable role that Marketing can play in your company.

For a start, let’s explain very briefly what Marketing is about, according to Peter Drucker. The goal of marketing is to make the selling effort superfluous. It is to know and understand the customer so well that the product/service is suitable for him and sell himself.

This way, marketing will make it easy to understand between the right products / services and the right way to solve your customers’ problems.

But today we also have to take into account the current economic scenario and the high competitiveness that exists. Thus, if a company wants to survive and stay in the market then it has to have something innovative for its target audience ie be differential but also stand out.

But why is marketing so important in business? Nowadays, people, your customers, like to leave their opinions on social networks and share good or bad experiences they have had with a service. That way, if your business works well with marketing to help and provide a great experience selling a service to a customer, that customer is likely to praise your company and leave positive comments on social networks and share their good experience. while purchasing a service/product of yours. Of course with good recommendations and criticism you will bring in new customers, while always having a good experience with all your customers will build a soon and lasting relationship with your customers and potential customers.

However, care must be taken! Just as there may be positive feedback when a company has satisfied customers, dissatisfied customers can greatly damage your company’s reputation if they have been negatively impacted by your products or services, so remember, always practice good marketing with your customers, try to know their needs and solve in the most positive way to solve their problems.

But in this article are just a few marketing points, as marketing is a world in which to explore everyday and learn more from it everyday. At Hub Ativo we have workshops and marketing training and many other topics.

For more information please contact us through our contact page. Or come visit us in Portimão, Algarve and get to know our space and services.

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