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Conceito de Reuniões Híbridas

With the need for social distance, meetings have become online meetings. But online meetings are not always satisfactory. An alternative is hybrid meetings and in today’s article we will explain this concept and why it can be a good alternative.

There is no longer any doubt that technology saved the lives of many companies in these pandemic times. But there are, of course, negative points as well. One of these negative points is the distance. But this adversity has led several companies to adopt the concept of hybrid meetings in their day-to-day lives.

With the “relaxation” of social distancing rules, companies can look for solutions to mitigate the negative impacts that excessive virtual meetings can cause to businesses. One is the hybrid meeting model.

A hybrid meeting must have part of its participants in person, usually in an office / meeting room, and another part of the participants remotely. Always supported by video, audio and content sharing technology.

In other words, the intention is to have some participants physically at the meeting, who will be able to keep the focus and pace of the discussion agenda. Others remotely that they can add with their orchestrated participation. The sharing of content through technological tools that will make the meeting much richer and more productive.

What are the advantages of adopting this concept?

Access to technology: As good as the home pc / laptop is, it will hardly resemble the technological resources available in the office or in a shared workspace;

Security: In times of pandemic, managers need to think about protecting their employees, so the fewer employees working physically, the greater the security against the spread of the coronavirus;

Mental health: Social isolation can cause depression and anxiety. The hybrid model allows the balance between personal and professional life and a relief in the distance, encouraging the return to social contact but with security;

Productivity: Each person is different, as is their way of working. Some can be more productive in online meetings, others in face-to-face meetings. Hybrid meetings allow everyone to be productive where they feel most comfortable.

But how can hybrid meetings help balance companies that have given up their offices and embraced remote work?

In these pandemic times, a hot alternative for companies that have chosen not to maintain their physical offices are shared work spaces, also known as cowork space.

In the Active HUB, in addition to our private offices, you can still use our meeting / training room to have your hybrid meeting. With Internet access, projectors, whiteboards, security of distance and cleanliness, everything you need to hold your meeting. For more information contact us at our contact page or come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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