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Como Será o Futuro do Trabalho

The telecommuting , Anywhere Office , Hybrid Work are work options that some companies had already adopted, however, with the appearance of the pandemic, great part of the companies had to change the way they work and choose the options above.

But are these changes in working methods here to stay? In today’s article, we will talk, according to other articles and statistics, about the future of the works.

There have been many debates about productivity for companies that have chosen to telework their employees, is it true that productivity is low? According to a Mercer survey, more than 90% maintained productivity at or above that recorded when they were in the office.

Why were these results achieved? First, because those who maintain the concept of anywhere officec (a concept that consists of working in various places, for example, at home but also gives the person the freedom to be able when necessary, use the office or choose a cowork space) are more likely to perform leisure activities, such as physical exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.

Second, because less time is wasted on commuting and other common problems for those who need to go to the office every day. Thus, it contributes to the employee’s quality of life and general well-being. As a consequence, it produces more and with more quality.

But there are more reasons!

Mental health has been widely talked about since the beginning of the pandemic. Many claim that staying at home only damages quality of life. In fact, the human being needs interaction.

Still, it is possible to combine remote work with these factors. An example is flexible offices . They are characterized by the sharing of spaces (Coworks), which generates cost reductions and the dynamics of processes.

The concept is already used in several countries. In addition, Knight Frank’s Your Space report indicates that:

  • 69% of global companies want to increase the use of shared spaces;
  • 80% intend to grow the use of collaborative environments in the coming years;
  • 16% believe that the flexible office would occupy half of the work area;
  • 55% see flexibility as a factor for change. There are still 11% who speak of the importance of collaborative dynamics;
  • 75% believe that personal productivity improves in this model because it is more related to well-being and happiness.

(One of the services of HUB Ativo is our cowork space. But we also have private offices and rooms and meetings to guarantee a space and services for companies that want to choose a change in their work method.)

Thus, the work is carried out and still guarantees the interaction between the professionals. This also tends to decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression, which affected 47.3% of essential service workers and 27.4%.

Greater balance between work and life:
Although thousands of workers have already opted for telecommuting, many people were still taken aback by social isolation. Having to get used to the new routine and dealing with distractions in the family environment was a real challenge for many people.

However, the balance between work and life pleased many people. In the USA, for example, approximately 62.4 million hours of work / day were saved . The period was used to stay with the children and do housework and exercise.

With this new experience, those who had always worked in traditional offices rethought their position. Reinforcing the idea that several companies or employees already want to work in a hybrid work model.

This is the opportunity to spend less time in traffic and, at the same time, guarantee the quality of life. Basically, it is the best of both worlds, since flexibility is what this strategy calls for.

Growth in diversity, equity and inclusion:
The last point that shows that work can change for the better in the future concerns these three aspects: diversity , equity and inclusion . This scenario is derived from the new demand from women.

Before, women were used to staying in the office. From 2020 with the coming of isolation, they had the opportunity to start watching their children grow. With that, McKinsey believes that about 2 million women will leave the job market due to changes in the pandemic.

Given this scenario, Glassdoor believes that there will be more awareness among companies. Offers focused on diversity, equity and inclusion are increasing and are expected to grow even more, changing the job market.

The Black Lives Matter movement also contributes to this context. Likewise, coworking spaces lead to this result. In this environment, several professionals meet and exchange experiences. Therefore, it becomes easier to come up with interesting ideas, which could become a competitive advantage for the business.

All of these paths that show that work can change for the better are applicable in your company. With the flexible work and the possibilities provided by our coworking space, the dynamics implemented can be the best for the success of your company and the personal and professional lives of employees. Get to know the HUB Ativo and get to know our services and learn how you can improve your statistics.

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