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Anyone who has a website knows that there are always some expenses that are necessary to keep the website active. But did you know that there are ways you can earn some money from your website? In today’s article we will give you some tips on how to do it.

But we warn you that some of these tips will not make you money overnight, and some will only provide you with a few cents, but as they say, from grain to grain, the chicken fills the chat.


Here are the tips:


Online Store/ Sale of Services on the website:
Probably my way of making your website earn some money is by putting your services and/or products for sale directly on your website, an online store, for example, can make the products you sell immediately available for immediate purchase. Making it easier not only to sell but also to buy, because even if your business has, for example, a physical store in the Algarve, people from the North of the country or even the world will be able to see your products and buy.

But even services can also be sold online, let’s imagine that your business/company is about repairs, you can put a budget form, where the person chooses the service, location, when they need the service etc. You can pay instantly through your website. Or if, for example, you have a surf school or teach some activity, you can, in addition to publicizing the classes, put the person to pay for the class. And you can also apply in accommodation among other services.


Advertising: It is an option that many websites use nowadays, although it does not have a guarantee of receiving as much money as in the tip above, the truth is that a site with advertising can earn a few cents a day, however it takes a large flow of visits to your site to raise money. A tool that you can use for free to insert advertising on your site is Google AdSense, but you have to keep some points in mind, you will only be able to raise the amount earned by advertising on your site when you reach an x ​​value. And not all websites may be readable to insert advertising, for example, if your website has content protected by third parties, it is likely that yours will not pass the “evaluation” that Google makes. And in this way, no advertisements will be inserted. That’s why you have to pay attention to the type of content/site that Google Adsense allows. Still, you can always try to submit your “application” and wait for Google’s approval.


Limit content: Let’s imagine that your website is a site with a lot of content, content that usually has a lot of demand to look for. You can restrict some content on your site that is exclusive to users who pay, for example, a subscription. You may have some content that is visible to anyone, so that anyone who enters the site knows what it is about and who knows, maybe even makes you curious so that it makes the person pay to access the exclusive content. You will also be able to show an excerpt of content and if the person wants to read it completely, they have to pay, it is a technique widely used by news websites.


Sell online courses/workshops: Online courses have increasingly gained ground, with the pandemic, several people chose to take courses and workshops online, due to not being able to leave their homes. But even with the pandemic slowing down, it doesn’t mean online courses are losing ground. Betting on selling your courses or workshops online through your website can be a way to earn money through your website, there may be a need to integrate plugins or other tools to be able to take the online course through the website. If, for example, your business is related to health and well-being, you can take a course or workshop on, for example, foods or recipes to insert into your daily life that could improve your health.


At HUB Ativo, our web development team will be available to help you create your online store or even insert advertising, prepare your website to sell your online courses or even insert advertising on your website. For more information, contact us through the page contact or come visit HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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