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Como Manter o Seu Site Seguro

When we have our sites online for the whole world, there is consequently the possibility that our site will be the target of cyber attacks. In today’s article we will give you some tips to keep your site safe and prevent your site from being attacked.

Let’s do this:

Keep the website’s plugins / software up to date:
The first step is one of the simplest, but it can make a big difference in the security of your website. Many software updates are made specifically to reduce security vulnerabilities. Even though these updates may seem boring to do, don’t postpone them, as it is a way to keep your website secure. So check regularly for updates.

Use passwords and secure access and update frequently:
Make sure that the password you use to access the administrative area of ​​your website is secure (it is advisable to have a mixture of numbers, letters and special characters). Avoid using any information that is easy to discover, such as the name of someone in your family or the year of birth or even the same name as the website.

To create secure passwords you need to be a little creative, but if you need help, there are already websites that are password generators and provide a random string of characters as a suggestion.

Make sure to always use different passwords to access your website and the hosting panel of the website. And also check if other users who have access to the site are also taking this care.

Tip: Renew passwords frequently, at least every six months.

Always have a backup of the latest version of your site:
Sometimes we only discover that our site was attacked too late. If anything happens, you won’t want to take the trouble to create your website again from scratch, will you? So make sure to back up the site regularly, this way even if something happens, you can have it backed up to save you from having to start from 0.

Have your website with SSL certificate:
Having your website certified by SSL today is more than essential. Your customers or those who browse your site need to know that your site is secure before they trust their personal information, and it is with the SSL certificate (the famous HTTPS) that provides security in this process. Having an SSL makes your website show a green lock on the browser bar, which ensures that the communication between your website and the computer of whoever is accessing your website is secure. The certificate adds an extra level of protection ensuring secure sharing of data, which is encrypted. And not to forget that Google will add more value to your site in searches if you have an SSL certificate.

If you think your site has a virus or is the target of cyber attacks, talk to our web design team and we will put your site back again and again. For more information, contact us at our contact page or if you prefer, come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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