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There is no denying that life has changed a lot after the arrival and constant evolution of technology.

We talk a lot about technology and everything that it represents and facilitates people’s daily lives.
We already have ingrained some habits, like not leaving home without a cell phone: we can forget about documents, money and other things, but the cell phone, never!

And knowing how dependent we are on our mobile phones, more and more technology is turning to applications and functions for smartphones, in order to facilitate and transform the world of technology through mobile phones

In today’s article we will talk about some applications and functions on smartphones that have changed our lives and technology in the world.

Say goodbye to credit cards and cash
Have you ever come to the checkout of a store or supermarket to pay for your purchases and notice that you forgot your wallet? It is more common than you think, either because we leave the wallet in the car or even at home. Now, you can simply pay with your phone, your phone is like a debit or credit card.
There are already several forms of payment by mobile phone, such as QR Codes and NFC.
We will explain how each works.

QR Codes: QR Codes are no longer new, they are basically two-dimensional bar codes that are read by the camera of your smartphone. The cell phone reads the code and from there makes the payment.

NFC: NFC (Near Field Communication) is, in a simple way, a technology that allows wireless information exchange between compatible devices, as long as they are close to each other. There is Bluetooth, WIFI and now NFC. This method requires greater proximity between the devices which also allows for greater security. This technology already exists on some mobile phones and at the payment level it allows you to pay for your purchases just by touching the mobile phone to the payment terminal. It works like contactless cards, in exactly the same way, except that here you use your smartphone and not your bank card.

These technologies allow payment via mobile phone, but to start using your smartphone in stores you need to first install the appropriate apps and configure them.

Make purchases, payments, transfer money, withdraw money and more
You may have heard of the MB Way mobile application, which, in a very general way, allows you to shop online and in physical stores, create virtual cards, make transfers and use your smartphone to withdraw money at an ATM.
With MB Way, it is possible to use this service to buy in physical stores in two ways: QR Code and Contactless, the latter being only available for the Android operating system and, of course, for smartphones that have NFC technology. But it is also possible to make purchases in online stores without having to use your card details, you can create a temporary card, with the value you want and that can be used only once, MB Way will create a fictitious card with all data that the site may ask for, without having access to your real card.

Again, to use this method you will have to install the application as well as proceed with the configuration of it.

Being in touch with anyone anywhere
Although internet connection is required for the examples that we will give. Nowadays you can get in touch with anyone without having to spend hundreds of euros on calls. Applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, among others, are increasingly being used to contact people, with the option of sending text messages, video calls, calls and even sending files. Whether you are in Portugal and the other person in Brazil or anywhere in the world, just have access to the internet to get in touch with that person, without having to spend money.

Documents, notes in the palm of your hand
Nowadays many mobile phones already have applications installed that allow you to write notes, save and at any time you can access and read or even share / send to another person. Documents you need to have more on hand can also be kept on your mobile phone and opened whenever necessary. Having trouble memorizing passwords? You can also install applications that allow you to store your passwords (securely) and have them always at hand when you need them. Nowadays there are 1001 applications that can prove to be a great help for our day-to-day lives, just look and be sure that it is a reliable application.

Your personal trainer on the phone
As I say above, there are several applications for us to help in the day-to-day. Many of them are applications to help you lose weight and / or train. Depending on what you are looking for, you can have on your smartphone that counts how many steps you took, how many calories you burned, as well as an application that is almost like a personal trainer, where you make a list of physical exercises to do, at that time, all days. Some even set an alarm to remind them of their training time and even count their heart rate, how many calories they have spent, among other data, just have your phone with you while you exercise.

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