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In an increasingly digital world, websites become something common for any company or business. But still many businesses continue to struggle to have a secure website from all the threats that exist in the internet world.

In today’s article we are going to call attention to some mistakes that you may be making on your website that may affect the security of your website.

Not having a Security Certificate (SSL):
As we mentioned in previous articles, a security certificate is essential on a website, regardless of what type of website it is. These certificates are among the elements that most contribute to the security of your website but also to the trust of users, in addition to protecting your customers’ data. So, don’t forget to have a security certificate on your website.

Lack of user control:
Having some users / employees who can help you with the maintenance of your website can be a great help, however it is also necessary to pay attention to this point.
It is necessary to carry out a strict control of which users / employees have access to your website and the extent to which they can make changes to it.
It is necessary to pay attention to the permission levels and grant access according to the level of each user to the company’s systems, so that in the future it will prevent that, if an employee has stolen credentials, the hacker will not be able to access the company’s data.

Accesses too easy and do not make changes to them:
It is no longer a novelty that our passwords should not be something easy so as not to facilitate access for those we do not want. Well, the same thing happens on websites, ensuring that your password is long, difficult to have special characters, etc., it can be a guarantee that so easily someone will not find out. But other than that, it is also essential that your password be changed every x time to ensure even greater security for your website.

Lack of updates:
Keeping company systems up to date is critical to preventing hackers from attacking your site. New threats emerge every day, so keeping equipment up to date can mean giving “inputs” that can be easily exploited by malicious people. Maintaining the entire system and some cases, plugins and themes is essential to ensure that they are ready to prevent an attack. Often a non-updated plugin can cause security holes that will more easily allow an attack. Nowadays there is also software that allows you to update automatically, in any case, if you use something automatic, it is still safer to see if all the updates are being carried out, as some may not be being updated. automatically and needs to be manually.

Backup routine failed:
Finally, if something goes wrong on your site and if you unfortunately lose everything, a security measure that can save your website is a backup. To ensure that you always have the most recent version of your website, it is essential that you ensure a backup routine, ensure that your backup is made every week or every month, depending on the amount and changes you make to your site, if every week you make changes, maybe a week-by-week backup will be better, if you don’t make that many changes, a monthly backup will be enough. If your backup is done automatically, always check that you can verify that the backup is actually being made depending on the time you scheduled to do it.

At HUB Ativo our Web Design department team will pay attention to the creation of your website / online store, in addition to all the security, as well as maintenance to ensure that your website is up to date, safe and functional.
For more information contact us at our contact page or come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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