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Have a business idea in mind but still need more tips on how to get started? You have your own business and want it to keep growing and with the best results.

In today’s article we will point you to some books that may inspire you to start or even improve your business, let’s get to it.

Whether you are recently unemployed, fed up with office life, or want to finally make your business idea a reality, this is the right book for you. This book is for anyone who wants to make their passion their profession. Any of us can follow his dream and change his life. But for that, we must make sure that we have the right profile to be entrepreneurs, the right financial conditions to be able to take risks, as well as some other fundamental assumptions for our project to be a success.
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Influence is learned. This book explains the most powerful techniques, both personally and professionally, to achieve your goals through the use of a powerful tool called communication. The reflection to which this work invites us helps us to be more influential in our immediate environment and to analyze why good leaders, powerful people and media icons manage to achieve their goals.
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In his early thirties, Chris has visited more than 175 countries – but he has never had a “real job” or a fixed salary. Instead, he has a special genius for turning ideas into sources of income and using what he earns to support the adventurous life he leads and helping others. In his travels he has already identified more than 1500 people who, like him, have launched businesses with very modest investments (often 100 euros or less) but which earn them around 40,000 euros a year. From this group, he decided to highlight the 50 most representative case studies. In almost all of these cases, people without any specific qualifications discovered, in their hobbies, characteristics that could be monetized and managed to change their lives, have freedom and greater personal fulfillment. This book condenses precious lessons from those who succeeded.
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Why do some people manage to increase their savings, make smart investment decisions and make prudent financial plans while the rest strive to prevent money from escaping through their fingers? Because these people know the SECRETS OF MILLIONAIRE.
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At the age of 26, bankrupt and in debt, Bodo Schäfer decided it was time to revolutionize his finances. With the help of a mentor, in less than four years he managed to rebalance his accounts and acquire respectable assets. Bodo created a set of techniques not only to enrich, but also to establish a balanced relationship with money. He found that the happiest people are those who cultivate a harmonious relationship between their dreams, values ​​and goals, and it is on this basis that we must build our wealth. After success in Germany, where his book spent 14 weeks at the top of sales, Bodo Schäfer is conquering the world with his new method of creating wealth. This book reveals, step by step, the fundamental principles of this method to increase your wealth.
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