You have certainly heard the word marketing and how important it is in companies, whether small or large. In this article we will talk and explain the important and indispensable role that Marketing can play in your company. For a start, let’s explain very briefly what Marketing is about, according to Peter Drucker. The goal […]


Attending a workshop can be stressful. What if your knowledge does not accumulate with that of other participants? What if they talk about something you know nothing about (or worse, you know a lot)? There are many fears that prevent someone from going to workshops. But the advantages that Workshops offer are invaluable and it’s […]


The Internet is increasingly becoming the main place where people are looking for goods, services and information anytime and anywhere. With so many people online today, businesses are having to have a solid presence to survive in this way. For this it is necessary to maintain the relevance in the search, so it is necessary […]

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