Nowadays, there are several niches for this type of coaching work, from relationship coaches, career coaches, weight loss coaches, as well as those that offer specific work for the challenges of the business world, the so-called business coaches. The business coach is a skilled professional who assists entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to move towards the success […]

Hub Ativo - Escritório Virtual

You have heard of office, but what is a virtual / digital office? Virtual offices are becoming increasingly popular in the business world because they include a number of useful services, from an address to the corporate headquarters, receiving letters / orders, renting offices or conference rooms, among other advantages. Virtual offices are primarily chosen […]


Like fashion, web design does not escape trends, trends that are the result of various factors, including technology, which is constantly evolving and has a profound impact on the user experience. In this article we will introduce you to some of the trends of Web Design that are important when designing your website or online […]


Are you starting a business and still don’t want to have the big expenses an office / business requires? At Active Hub we have the ideal solution for you, we have offices for rent for a monthly or per hour package. You just have to pay the office rent and you don’t have any other […]

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