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Inteligência Artificial em Websites
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the watchword worldwide. Today, many companies have developed design tools with artificial intelligence integration to create websites.

In the case of the use of artificial intelligence on websites, it is called Artificial Intelligence for Design. But how does Artificial Intelligence for Design work? Basically, it is a mechanism that identifies and implements web design trends with the help of machine learning. Artificial Intelligence enables automatic design functionality for users, so they only need to state their requirements.

Now let’s move on to the examples and benefits of having Artificial Intelligence for Design on your websites / online stores

Customer Rating / Comments:
Reviews convey clarity and confidence to customers when searching for your products. Some sites are already applying artificial intelligence technologies to change the way they display comments. They just show what consumers really think about each product. Others can also provide information that is not present in the product file by default, but is essential during the purchase. For example: Comments from people who use the same language as the person who will buy the product, if for example your customer is English, artificial intelligence will filter the comments that were made in English in the evaluation comments and show those comments in first.

Search bar:
The search bar on a website must be intuitive and easy to use. This feature is often underestimated, but it is really vital for a website. Do you think it’s not vital? Find out that 30% of consumers use the search option to find a product or something on a website! With artificial intelligence you can include content generated by other users in the search bar. Your customers can find the products that best meet their needs and compare the opinions of other customers.

Chatbots are tools based on artificial intelligence that can understand natural language and communicate with humans. Chatbots are able to provide efficient responses to the needs of their customers, so they can get accurate and immediate responses.
Through the use of chatbots, websites can reduce the waiting time for customers to respond, using software to respond at any time to the requests or information they want and still retain information that may be useful for you to contact later. with the client.
In addition, there will be no more barriers imposed by holidays and night hours when you will not be able to respond, a chatbot will always be online 24 hours a day, to respond to your customers.

Recommendation mechanisms:
Recommendation mechanisms are used by many online stores, such as Amazon, to identify the target audience for their products. Based on recent searches carried out by a potential customer, the Artificial Intelligence algorithms (often combined with Google Ads) in the search engines record details sought in searches for a product that is being sought by a potential customer.
Based on the results of the algorithm, the search engine generates appropriate recommendations for the user and lists them to help find the product quickly.

Login with facial recognition:
There are already programs or plugins that allow you to login to websites without the need to enter access data such as email or password, in which case your face is access. These programs work using the webcam to make the facial recognition of users with biometric resources and to certify the access to websites to several websites.

Voice search
Although a lot of people use the search bar, the truth is that voice search is also experiencing a very large increase in use. While on the computer users tend to use the search bar, on mobile phones and mobile devices, most users generally use voice search to search for what they want. Of course, your website must also be responsive (see our article on responsive websites here). You can implement voice search on your website with the help of Artificial Intelligence and thus, with the help of AI voice bots, customers who access your website can find what they need by voice search.

Did you like our article? Do you want to implement artificial intelligence on your website? HUB Ativo and its web design team can develop or renovate your website or online store in order to have something modern and “equipped” with new technologies. Contact us through our contact page or if you prefer, come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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