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AMP - O que é e suas Vantagens

AMP, few people know this term, but in today’s article we’ll show you what this AMP is and how it can be a great ally to improve your website or online store, how? With AMP, speed improves the user experience and is one of Google’s ranking factors, in this sense configuring AMPs can be very advantageous for your website!

But what does AMP mean – Its abbreviations are the abbreviation of Accelerated Mobile Pages which is Portuguese more thing less than accelerated pages for mobile devices. Knowing that more and more people are using their mobile phones to surf the Internet and that Google is prioritizing mobile-optimized sites, you’re starting to see the advantage right?

In this way, the  pages of the websites are optimized for a simplified and almost instantaneous loading when accessed via mobile devices. The project is an open source initiative by major content publishers and technology companies, aiming to improve the entire mobile content ecosystem.

An AMP page has an architecture that prioritizes page load speed. This architecture is divided into 3 different configurations:

  • AMP HTML: Different HTML code, with restrictions and extensions, going beyond basic HTML. Most of your tags are normal HTML, but some are replaced by AMP-specific tags;
  • AMP JS: responsible for ensuring fast rendering of AMP pages. Its main function is to make everything external asynchronous, so that no element on the page can block the rendering of another;
  • Google AMP Cache: is optional, but caches all AMP HTML pages on Google servers and automatically improves its performance. Other companies may also develop their own AMP cache.

When performing a Google search using the mobile phone, pages with AMP configured are marked with your acronym. When you click on a result marked as AMP, the simplified version of the page loads almost instantly.

When configured, an AMP page ends up becoming a second version of the page, with the same content as the original version, usually identified with “/amp” at the end of the link, which makes it easier to identify its performance in isolation in reports of web analytics.

Well, after we’ve seen all this, we can conclude that the page load speed has a lot of influence on the websites’ SEO. Thus, adopting this type of optimization contributes to a more positive experience for customers, and consequently, generates more sales and more visits to your website.

At HUB Ativo our web design team will help you develop a website or online store ready to be accessed on any device and with all the functions you may need! For more information, contact us through our contact page or visit the Active HUB in Portimão.

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