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10 Maneiras de Ser Mais Produtivo Enquanto Trabalha

In today’s article we’re going to give you some tips to become a more productive person in your work. Below, we’ll show you 10 tips to put into practice in your day to day to have a better performance in your work. Let’s get to this:

1 – Create rules
If you work in a company with other people or need to socialize with family or friends while working at home, create small rules, for example, no one talking to you while you are wearing headphones, even if you are not listening to music is a visual and fast way let other people know you’re busy.

2 – Keep your workplace organized
When your workplace is well organized, with things in their proper place, you can see your space better and avoid getting lost in so much unnecessary paperwork.
As a matter of fact, to automate this process you can have the help of online applications and tools and, thus, eliminating paper is also essential to become more productive.
3 applications you can use:  Notion, Wunderlist, Todoist

3 – Identify and eliminate any source of distraction
Notifications are a great example of a distraction you should cut out, put your phone somewhere out of sight if you feel like you’re giving in to the impulse to look at notifications. An app like “Forest” can also be great for helping to put your phone or webpages aside.

4 – Make a to-do list
It’s the best way to make your job the next day easier and ensure you’re productive. Create a list the night before with the tasks you need to do the next day, it will be a way to wake up worry-free and focused on what you need to do.

5 – Take short breaks during the day
Staying 8 hours a day fully dedicated to your tasks is not recommended. In fact, the ideal is that you take short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes, every 2 hours, to take a deep breath, drink some water, stretch your body and have a snack. Trust me, these breaks will make all the difference to your productivity.

6 – Don’t be multitasking
Doing more than one thing at the same time impairs your performance and hinders your performance on the task. In fact, there’s no way to be more productive at work by doing more than one task at a time. You lose full focus, make more mistakes and take a long time to switch from one task to another.
So try to do one task at a time.

7 – Improve your posture
You may not know it, but posture can affect your productivity.
Try to sit comfortably, but maintain the correct posture. Good posture helps to reduce the fatigue generated and prevents pain in the spine and muscles.
Also, the more comfortable you are, the more time your attention span and productivity will be focused on work.

8 – If it takes less than ten minutes, do it now
Writing down something to do later and having to remember it hours later is more of a waste of time than just doing it right away. Choose a window of time that you can calmly use your day: two minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes. Any tasks that come up that can be quickly done, do it soon.

9 – Empty your head
When you have a lot going on inside your head, make a note of your concerns on paper. List all your problems on paper and keep out all the tasks that still need to be done.

10 – Find your productivity peak
What part of the day are you doing your best work and most motivated? Play around until you find your prime time band, no matter what it is, make an effort to shape your workday around it.

As we’ve seen in this article, there are several ways to become more productive during your day. Adopting some of these tips will increase your performance during your work.

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