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Porque Deve o Seu Negócio Ter Presença Online

Although it is already a reality that all companies / businesses should have an online presence with a website, the truth is that there are still many companies that do not have it.
It is high time to accept that the changes of the digital age are here to stay and that they can be a great lever for the success of many companies and an excellent way to reach new potential customers.

In today’s article we will give you to understand why having an online presence is important for your business.

Let’s start with something that will do the importance of having a website.
When you want to look for a service where do you do it? We are 99% sure that the answer to this question will be “On the internet / on Google”.

And by this answer, you can already calculate that if your business has a website, there is a much greater chance of someone accessing your website and even resorting to your services.

Still not convinced? Let’s get to more points.

Having a website, in addition to the online presence you will have, will also bring an increase in credibility for your company, you can have all the information and contacts of the business that ends up transmitting more security to those who visit the site.

You can still advertise your work on your website, whether with a photo gallery or portfolio. A website to advertise works is great in any business area and is still a point that can transmit more credibility.

Marketing actions are low cost, you can reach a larger target audience while spending very little. This if you choose to do your own digital marketing, because if you choose a specialist, prices can increase.

With these same Marketing campaigns, you can still have greater interaction with your customers, understand what they are looking for, who is looking for them, that is, whether they are more of a male or female audience, ages, location and more.
And in this way, create marketing strategies more targeted to your target audience and your preferences.

You can still have a greater prominence than your competition, if your competition does not have a website, and this way you are not making an online presence, you will have a great advance to reach possible customers looking for services that both you and your competition offer. If your competition has a website, then you will have to ensure that your website can be at the same level or higher than your competition’s website.

In addition to having your website, betting on the presence of your business on social networks, also a very positive point to further increase your online presence. Social networks are more limited compared to a website, but still allow you to turn your profile accounts into good representatives of your business.

But having a website alone is not enough. Ensuring that your site meets essential requirements for Google to give you preference in search is also essential. What kind of requirements? A responsive website (that adapts to any screen) is one of the essential requirements, as the use of mobile phones is the most used method to surf the internet. A website prepared with good SEO is also a requirement that will help you to be better positioned in the search results, keywords (words that are most used by users to search the net, related to your business), spread across your website , may be another advantage to improve search positioning.

At HUB Ativo our Web Design team will help your company to have an online presence, preparing a website or online store preparing for your company to have an online presence. For more information please contact us at our contact page or if you prefer, come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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