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Dicas para ter mais visitas no seu site

Whoever has an online website, one of the achievements he wants to achieve is to have more visits to his website and possibly generate more new customers.
In today’s article we are going to give you some tips that can help you get more visits to your site, let’s get to it.

Have your website responsive:
We have already spoken on several occasions about the importance of a responsive website, that is, one that adapts to each screen where it will be viewed without affecting the experience of those who are viewing it, whether on a PC or on a mobile phone. But how will this help to have more visitors? Just think about the number of people who currently use the phone for everything, this way you will already realize the importance of a responsive website. But that’s not all, a responsive site is also better positioned on Google searches than a non-responsive site. Therefore, ensuring that your website is responsive is essential.

Site that loads fast:
Another very important point, which will also help your website to appear in Google searches, is the loading time of your website. Imagine having to wait almost a minute for all the images and information on your website to appear. Most likely, your potential customers will give up waiting, right?

The rejection rate of very “heavy” sites is high and therefore you need to ensure that it is “light” and opens quickly so that you don’t lose customers. So optimize the pages, images and the entire structure of your website. The faster the site is, the better results you will get!

Be present on social media.
Your participation in social networks is very important to diversify your reach. Does your business already have social networks? If you don’t have one yet, create your profiles right now and start showing your business outside your site as well. But pay attention to studying which social networks have a profile closer to your customers and create your profile. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and are a great starting point.

Work on your website’s SEO:
Being aware of SEO practices is the best way to optimize the content of your website so that it is increasingly among the first search results. Therefore, having keywords on your site and working on SEO is also very important.

Varied content on the site:
It is already considered a good practice of SEO, the publication of content in various formats such as videos and images (infographics) and the trend is that this practice will become increasingly relevant. So don’t be afraid to put videos and images on your site, but of course without exaggeration.

Have a blog on the site:
Institutional sites, most of the time, limit the SEO strategy, in that they do not allow much variety of content. The blog is a way to explore new keywords and also the possibility to attract customers with articles that interest them.

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