Secrets of Success at Work: 50 Techniques to Excel


Everything you need to know to win in the workplace

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Everything you need to know to win in the workplace

What do successful professionals know and what other people don’t? Do you have successful recipes? Is there a magic formula?

Nigel Cumberland is one of the world leaders when it comes to executive training. For more than 25 years he has been training in different countries and cultures, in the most challenging environments and in the most delicate moments of transition. He became a famous Executive Coach for training and developing talent in numerous highly competitive multinationals, from Asia, Europe, to Latin America.

In 50 Secrets of Success at Work, Nigel reveals 50 key points you need to know to achieve your goals in the company, whatever your ambition. These are tried and tested techniques in the job market. Some will surprise you … But all are inspiring. Practice these 50 small strategies and you will see that success is nothing complicated. These are the steps to unlock your potential and show it unquestionably to your colleagues, managers and any team you can lead.

Book written in portuguese

Additional information:

Author: Nigel Cumberland
Cover: Soft Cover
Date of 1st edition: January 21, 2020
Dimensions: 157 x 228 x 16 mm
Number of pages: 288
ISBN: 9789898781352