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Desenmerda-te Mindset nasce da constatação de que muito do que vivemos, do que fazemos e queremos fazer nada tem de fácil, e de que, se queremos concretizar algo e também realizarmos-nos, a atitude ideal é encontrarmos o que nos move e estarmos disponíveis para aceitar o que a vida nos proporciona – incluindo a dor, a perda e o fracasso.

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Additional Info

Be immersed Mindset is born from the realization that much of what we live, what we do and want to do is not easy, and that if we want to achieve something and also achieve ourselves, the ideal attitude is find what moves us and be available to accept what life gives us – including pain, loss and failure.

If you are waiting to find a list of steps or tips to achieve anything here, don’t hesitate. There are no recipes that can be copied here. Take it easy.

Instead, this book takes you on a journey through the principles and truths that have guided me from the moment I set out to observe that I am incompetent, that I have failed so many times, that I have no answers and that I will always be unarmed in the face of to my vulnerability.

This book tells what happened when I assumed it was best to simply celebrate it all.

The Desenmerda-te Mindset was written in segmented chapters with the intention of allowing reading by parts and facilitating their revisiting.

“If the idea of ​​living were just to follow tips, recipes and bestsellers we would all be lighted billionaires with perfect abs.” – in Relax Mindset

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Cover : Soft Cover
Date of 1st edition: April 2, 2019
Dimensions: 16 x 23 cm
Número de páginas: 208

Book written in portuguese

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