Manipulated Democracy

18,97 17,08

Prepare-se para um novo tipo de democracia.

Governos autoritários, elites e hackers estão usar o mundo digital para influenciar o sistema democrático e as eleições. Essa influência leva a mudanças sem precedentes na opinião pública. Num espaço de poucos anos ficámos submersos numa guerra de informação permanente.

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Facebook , Google and Twitter are today the stages of our policy. A world where companies hired for political consultancy manage to generate unexpected results like Brexit in England, Donald Trump in the USA, Macron in France, or the Five Star Movement in Italy. A world of real-time surveillance, where changing social networks will have more impact than changing governments. And where everyone’s freedom and privacy are seen as incompatible with transparency.

Our laws do not predict what is happening and the political powers do not understand it.

Moore explains and underlines what we need to do to save democracy. This is a book about taking action to avoid fake news , manipulation, digital mercenaries, hackers . It’s about the truth of Silicon Valley and Donald Trump, but also … about all of us.

Additional information:

Cover: Soft Cover
Date of 1st edition : May 7, 2019
Dimensions: 16 x 23 cm
Number of pages: 320

Book written in portuguese