Be Your Own Life Coach: Teach Yourself

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How to take control and achieve your wildest dreams

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How to take control and achieve your wildest dreams

This is the ideal book for anyone who wants to reap the benefits of personal coaching, but does not have the money or time for private and exclusive guidance. With Be Your Own Life Coach, you will get a personalized program of change and progress for each area of ​​your life, in order to make the most of your characteristics as a person: from career development to personal relationships, from appearance to personal finance management.
Do you have little time? Each chapter has introductions of one, five and ten minutes, where you can acquire the basic principles to start. In the Life Coach life program, as you put the new skills into practice, you will be encouraged to also examine your beliefs, your confidence and your motivation. Only then can you ensure that the change achieved is solid and long-term. By balancing practical and interactive resources with review summaries and reward structures, you will be amazed at its enormous potential.

– Know where you are – know how to analyze your current situation.
– Life is an enterprise – make the most of everything you do.
– Like those who see in the mirror – increase your confidence and energy.
– Be in control of your _nances – instead of being controlled by them.
– Manage your relationships consciously – instead of being disillusioned with people.
– Manage your time – instead of never having time for anything.
– And know how to reap the rewards – The new “you”.

The unique and exclusive Be Your Own Life Coach program was designed by Jeff Archer based on his long experience in Life Coach methodology.

Book written in Portuguese

Additional information:

Author: Jeff Archer
Cover: Soft Cover
Date of 1st edition: 07 January 2015
Dimensions: 159 x 229 x 17 mm
Number of pages: 288
ISBN: 9789898781307