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The best of coaching and oriental philosophy

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The best of coaching and oriental philosophy

All growth requires tolerating a degree of discomfort. In order to make the right decisions, we have to accept our unconscious behaviors and automatic thoughts. This is often painful, but it has huge rewards in our lives!

With a suggestive cross between coaching and oriental philosophy, and through clear and accessible language, this book will reveal the keys to better understanding ourselves, achieving personal balance and living more fully. Through real cases, specially selected by the author, we will realize the pitfalls we fall into many times, just because we try to avoid discomfort. With her long experience as a coach, Mónica Esgueva proposes ways to overcome the suffering and heal wounds of the past, to be able to see and prepare for a brighter and happier future.

Book written in portuguese

Additional information:

Author: Mónica Esgueva
Cover: Soft Cover
Date of 1st edition: 18 January 2016
Dimensions: 158 x 229 x 13 mm
Number of pages: 208
ISBN: 9789898781970