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Erros Que Poderá Estar a Cometer no Seu Website

Often the fact that you have a website for a few people can be enough… But did you know that you could be making mistakes on your website that could be causing people to enter and leave soon or even not even know about the existence of your website? Many people create websites and think that just create a website and put it online and the results will come automatically. But no, it is necessary to correctly develop a structure for your website. And this is where many fail and end up not getting the results they imagined.

In today’s article we are going to point out some mistakes that some sites may be making mistakes that may be harming your website, sometimes making possible customers not even reach you.


Not having a Responsive website:
Although it is already a common topic in our articles, the truth is that this is one of the most important points. Nowadays not having a responsive website is a red flag for your website to be excluded from search engine results. More and more people are choosing to use their cell phones instead of using the computer, whether for research or general browsing on the Internet. Therefore, having your website ready to adapt to mobile phone screens, tablets but of course also not forgetting the larger screens such as computers, because although their use has been decreasing, there are still people using computers to browse the Internet.


Poor browsing experience:
Even if your website already has a responsive design, it is not always guaranteed that it will be an appealing and easy-to-navigate design and thus makes you unable to attract and retain potential customers on your site. Websites with very large scrolling or even scrolling with different aesthetic elements and an exaggerated use of colors and fonts can make people lose interest in staying on the site. Many texts can also tire the user, when he enters a site where there is text and more text without images, without other content, it will make him tired and end up leaving the site. Too many colors or even too many images can also affect the “stay” of your user. Try to have a harmonious site, with all the information you want but not in an exaggerated way.


Slow website to load:
Another very important factor! The longer your website takes to open or load a page, the greater the possibility that those visiting your website will get tired of waiting and leave. If your website pages don’t load in less than 3 or 4 seconds, chances are you’re already losing customers. To improve this, choose a website that does not have so many objects that can take longer to load, for example: videos, animations, slides/photo/video carousels. It doesn’t mean you have to remove them all from your website, but choose to put less. You can also opt for plugins/tools that help make the site faster.


Spelling wuaight?:
Yes, we misspelled “wuaight” on purpose to get attention haha ​​but no kidding: A mistake can be forgiven. Two is a bad sign. Many at the same time are disrespectful to your reader and make them likely to leave your site.

When you use poor grammar, with many errors, it ends up devaluing the writing of the content. This can lead people to make incorrect assumptions about the quality of your business. If your website has a lot of misspellings, people will question if you care enough about your business to do a good job for them.


Do you have any of these problems and don’t know how to solve them? Worry no more, talk to us and our web design team will help you with all the small and big problems that could be hampering your website. For more information, contact us through the contact page or come visit HUB Ativo in Portimão.

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