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Landing One Page o que é e quais as Vantagens

Many businesses are betting on having a Landing Pages / One Page website. But what is this term about?

In today’s article we will explain what a Landing Page site is and what the advantages are. Let’s do this.

Landing Page or One page, are considered conversion pages. And they end up being widely used for Digital Marketing campaigns, focused on selling a service / product, as they usually have high conversion rates.

In general, these sites contain much less elements and links than a normal site. This is done on purpose: after being able to take a visitor to a Landing Page, the only goal should be to get the conversion / sale. These sites must not take visitors off the home page, all content must be inserted on a single page, hence also having a One Page term.

Now that you understand the concept of these sites, let’s pass the advantages!

As stated above, these types of sites can have high conversion / sales rates, as they are focused and direct in relation to a topic, well developed and elaborated allow you to have a much higher conversion rate than on a normal site.

When you only need to worry about a single message, your page’s focus will be stronger. Compared to a normal website, where you can have several messages or different products / services to focus on, on the landing page you only need to focus on a few elements, such as strong headlines, call to action (CTA), one or two photos product / service.

With only one possible action on the page, a single CTA, its analysis becomes much easier. If it does not perform the desired action, there is nothing else on the site to be executed, no external link, nothing more to be clicked , visitors will stay on the landing page until they decide: “Either convert it or leave”.

If you send someone to a normal website, containing another 20 links, you lose the ability to measure the reasons for the success of the conversion. Because the visitor will have more buttons to load, if these links go to other pages or sites that are not focused on the product / service, they will lose the opportunity to sell what they want.
With a dedicated and independent landing page, once you have defined the reason for the success of your ad and page, you can let the site work for you, knowing that it is working and performing the desired performance.

When creating a landing page, you will have greater freedom in creating the design of your campaign. This is the key to success, as you don’t have to be restricted by the design limitations imposed by your normal website design.

It’s a combination that may work best with your ads / advertising

If you already promote advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook or even Instagram, landing pages are your next and valued companions. Even if nothing prevents you from placing your site as a destination for an ad campaign, it can even increase your number of visits, but it will hardly show good growth in conversions as a landing page.

But apart from wanting to sell a product or service, you can also use a landing page to promote events, for example, landing pages have a less permanent nature than a normal website. That is, it is possible to use it to promote events with a scheduled date. Through landing pages, it is possible to guide visitors to register for an event and, after the event, the landing page can be deactivated so that it does not generate visits that will not convert.

At HUB Ativo, our Web Design team can develop a landing page for your business or if you prefer an institutional website or an online store. For more information contact us through our contact page or if you prefer, come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão. Discover this and other services we have at your disposal.

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