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Como criar a sua página de negócios no LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, offers a powerful platform to connect professionals, build relationships and advance your career or business. Creating a professional presence on LinkedIn can bring numerous benefits, from increasing your visibility in the job market to generating business opportunities. However, it is equally important to consider complementing this presence with a website or online portfolio to optimize your profile and more fully highlight your skills. In this article, we’ll explain in detail how to create a professional presence on LinkedIn and discuss the importance of having a website or online portfolio to strengthen your professional image.

Part 1: Create a Professional Presence on LinkedIn

Optimize your profile: Start by creating a complete and professional LinkedIn profile. Include a suitable profile picture, a descriptive headline, a concise summary and detailed information about your past and current work experiences. Be sure to highlight your relevant achievements, skills and expertise.

Build Your Network: Make strategic connections on LinkedIn, including co-workers, former classmates, customers and professionals in your industry. Join groups related to your field and share relevant content to demonstrate your knowledge and interest in the field.

Publish relevant content: Regularly share articles, updates and insights related to your industry. This will help establish your authority and attract the attention of other professionals in your network. Remember that LinkedIn is a professional-oriented platform, so keep your content relevant and professional.

Recommendations and testimonials: Ask for recommendations from co-workers, satisfied customers or business partners. These recommendations can increase your credibility and positively influence others’ perception of your skills and competencies.

Join groups and forums: Get involved in groups and forums related to your area of expertise. Participate in discussions, share your opinion, and answer questions constructively. This will help build your reputation as an active and reliable professional in your field.

Part 2: The Importance of a Website or Online Portfolio

Showcase your work: Having a website or online portfolio allows you to showcase your projects, past work, skills and achievements in more detail. This helps to provide concrete evidence of your work and demonstrate your expertise in a visually appealing way.

Customization and control: Having a website or online portfolio allows you to fully customize your professional presentation. You can create a unique design that reflects your identity and personality, as well as control how your information is presented to visitors.

Greater Reach: While LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with professionals, an online website or portfolio can reach a wider audience, including recruiters, potential clients, and business partners. Having a solid online presence increases your chances of being found by people interested in your services or skills.

Centralization of information: A website or online portfolio provides a centralized place to share all of your professional information. It may include details about your academic background, professional experience, skills, projects undertaken, testimonials and contact details. This facilitates access to your information by interested parties.

Enhancing Credibility: Having a well-designed and professional website or online portfolio conveys credibility to visitors. Showing that you care about your professional image and are willing to invest time and effort in properly presenting your skills.

Creating a professional presence on LinkedIn is a crucial step in boosting your career or business. However, it is essential to recognize the importance of complementing this presence with a website or online portfolio. Having an online website or portfolio allows you to showcase your work in more detail, control your professional presentation, reach a wider audience and bolster your credibility. When investing in creating a professional presence on LinkedIn, be sure to also bolster your professional image with an effective website or online portfolio.

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