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Como escolher um Alojamento Web
Do you want to go ahead with your website but still have doubts about how web hosting works and how to choose among so many options the best for you? If you want to create a website, be it a blog, an online store, a discussion forum or an institutional website, one of the most important steps is the selection of the web hosting service. In today’s article we will talk a little about web hosting and help to clear up any of your doubts. Let’s do this:

Let’s start by explaining a little what a web hosting is. Web hosting is the place where you will place the files and information of your website, be it HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, images, Database and others. This way your website is accessible to anyone in the world through the Internet.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what it is all about, let’s see what to keep in mind when buying web hosting packages.

One of the requirements to be taken into account is the physical space of the server. Especially if your website is used to host many images. For example, an online store, it is necessary to keep in mind that if you are going to put many articles and these articles have photos, it will be necessary to have a larger physical space so that the site runs comfortably.

Another important requirement to be aware of when buying a web hosting service is bandwidth, especially if your business already has a large range of customers. The more bandwidth, the more rested you can be in relation to the site not being “low” because it is having a lot of access by customers.

Paying attention to the credibility of the accommodation you are going to buy is also another factor, today there are several companies with these services, whether large multinationals or small local companies. Choosing accommodation on the site is an important decision. So don’t get carried away by the low prices so quickly, always keep in mind what was said above in this article and see and review if the web hosting you are going to buy has all the requirements you are looking for for your website.

Nowadays many companies already use professional e-mails, if you also want this service then confirm that the web hosting you are going to buy offers you an x ​​number of professional mails, since many web hosts have packages that offer unlimited professional e-mails, but so as in the tips above, is to review which package interests you and fits you best.

Just like professional emails, there are companies looking to have more than one domain, there are also packages that include an x ​​number of domains that you can use. Again, pay attention to what you want, as it will not be worth having an unlimited number of domains and you will only use 1 or 2 and you will be paying for more that you will not use.

Security certificates, something you should not do without. Many companies already offer security certificates with any package, but there are still companies that do not provide and to have the certificate you will have to pay. Security certificates are very important for any website, more and more Google is valuing sites that have a security certificate so always keep in mind whether or not it is included in the web hosting package you are going to buy.

Now that you are more informed with our article, we take the opportunity to inform you that the HUB Ativo has a web hosting service, so that you do not have to worry about choosing accommodation now, you can count on our help. Our web hosting services have a lot of physical space, good bandwidth, speed, professional emails, security certificates and much more! Don’t waste any more time searching. And if you already have a website hosted by another supplier, know that the HUB Ativo will help you in migrating it. The best web hosting for you and your business! For more information you can contact us through our contacts page or if you prefer, come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão and ask your questions personally.

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