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Qual a Importância do Google My Business

Before talking about its importance to your business, let’s explain what Google My Business is.

Google My Business, as indicated, is a tool from Google, which makes it easier for your business to be found on the search engine, thereby increasing the presence of your company or organization.

This tool allows you to add an address, phone, website, email, opening hours, location on Google Maps with photos and even links to social networks. In addition, it also offers customers the option of evaluating and commenting on their business, thus contributing to the maintenance of the brand. Apart from all these advantages, it is noteworthy that this tool is free!

Still not convinced? So let’s move on to the importance of using Google My Business:

Relevance of your business:
As the world’s leading search engine, Google is accessed by thousands of users every day. Users search for establishments, locations, stores, products and services, and by having your business present on this platform, it is possible to make it even more relevant and reliable for those looking for it. Those looking for your business may have information that will be useful, such as opening hours, address (in case you search for your cell phone, you can immediately open the location with Google Maps), telephone contacts and other information.

Better search positioning:
By registering your company on Google My Business you end up contributing to it being easily found, in addition to improving your positioning in organic results, attracting more leads and generating more sales or attracting more customers.

Better relationship with your customers:
As stated above, Google My Busines allows its customers to leave comments and reviews about your business. Therefore, it turns out to be very important to work on the image of your business before the market.
In addition to being able to get closer to your customers, you can still use negative comments to improve your services and / or products and thus reverse a bad user experience. In addition, a good evaluation (ranking) of your customers, on your Google My Business page, will have a reflection on the positions of your site in searches. Like? Simple … the more your customers show that they like your products and services, the more impact this will have on other potential customers and the more confidence you will give the search engine.

To conclude: If you still don’t have your company listed on Google My Business, then put that option at the top of your to-do list right away! It is one of the best things you can do to expand your customer base.

At HUB Ativo, our Web design team, when creating your website or online store, can count on our help to acquire this service in your business. For more information contact us at our contact page or if you prefer, come and visit the HUB Ativo in Portimão and get to know this and other services we have for you.

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