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What if you could talk to your home and it responded by actions or even voice? More and more objects with which we interact on a daily basis can be controlled and monitored remotely. The future has arrived and today we are going to talk about gadgets that will make your home a smart home and this way it will make your life easier.

Being the one to mow the lawn is a thing of the past:
The Automower 315X is a gadget that revolutionizes tasks when it comes to cutting grass. The Automower 315X is the top of the range of lawnmowers. For land with all shapes and shapes. This lawnmower comes with an app that allows you to use your smartphone to turn the Automower 315X on and off, monitor your progress, set times and see where you are and where you’ve been in your garden. The Automower 315X will mow your lawn on your own and thus have more free time for you.

What if you communicate with your fridge?
Nowadays there are already many smart refrigerators, one of them is Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator. A fridge with a built-in touchscreen that allows you to do anything and everything. This smart fridge warns you when you leave the door open, when the ice is running out. If you’re shopping and don’t know what’s missing from the fridge, you can connect your smartphone to the fridge and see what’s missing. The Family Hub Refrigerator is the most compact, in terms of features, with a large screen that allows you to view a calendar, leave notes, search for recipes, watch TV, play music and more. However, most other smart refrigerators have fewer functions, but they can still make your day-to-day easier.

Even your home sockets can be smart
Many people are already joining these gadgets to make their home smarter but also to save a few euros on their bills. For less than € 10 you can have sockets that can be controlled remotely. Control can be done over your home’s Wi-Fi network, through a dedicated app or even via Alexa or Google Assistant. The advantage of using smart sockets? You can turn off your electronic equipment, even from a distance, or you can set periods to be turned on or off automatically.

But there are also smart lamps
I’m not only the plugs, but the bulbs are already being replaced by smart bulbs. Like smart sockets, these lamps can also be controlled by a smartphone, allowing the color to be changed as well as the light intensity. They can be programmed to be turned on at a certain time and deleted at another time. But even more, electricity consumption turns out to be more efficient, so you can save a few euros on the electricity bill after some time.

Continuing on the electrical side…
We also have smart switches that can control or be controlled by the two other products already suggested above. And they can also be controlled by smart home systems Alexa and Google Assistant, for example, you can give Alexa a voice command to turn off the light on that switch.

Smart locks
To close today’s article, the last gadget is smart locks. Although there is some controversy regarding this gadget it is also something that is already being used a lot. These smart locks allow you to unlock doors without the need for a key, how will you unlock the door? Depending on the smart lock, some allow you to open the door with your fingerprint, your smartphone or your voice. With this gadget you will no longer have to worry about forgetting your house key.

These are just some of the huge gadgets that already exist, did you like our article? Leave your comment and share this article with your friends.

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