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5 Motivos para alugar uma Sala de Formações

Increasingly the demand for training rooms to rent is being used by professionals and companies that want to organize a corporate event.

The fact that it is an excellent cost-benefit is one of the main advantages of renting this space but there are more benefits. In today’s article, we will address the main reasons for renting a training room.

1 – Prepared and professional environment
The environment influences a large part of our decisions, the way we speak and even the way we think. When conducting a workshop, meeting or event in a place where you do not have a good atmosphere, it may not bring the expected results.
The training rooms have already been designed and prepared for any type of activity to be a success. With a well-lit, quiet space, without noise, it will be an advantage to have a debate, exchange of ideas and experiences in a more productive way.

2- Location
When thinking about giving a lecture, workshop etc., the first question that comes to mind is “Where am I going to do this event?”.

Hotels, restaurants, among others, may be some options, but they are places that turn out to have a noisier environment, more people, not so professional and may still be not so accessible places to get there. Which can lead to a higher transport cost for you or your customers.

An advantage of renting a training room is that most of the time they are located in easily accessible areas, being closer to points of interest, such as parking lots, bus stops, restaurants, shopping malls. Everything so that your customers can move around with greater ease and convenience.

3- Rooms prepared for the need of your event
When renting a training room, you will not have to worry about production costs for your event.
The rooms are already ready to host your event, they already have tables, chairs, projection screens and access to wi-fi. Anyway, all the technology you will need to make a difference when it comes to presenting your ideas.
In this way, you can invest your time in what really matters, the preparation of your presentation.
It is still worth remembering that everything is flexible. You could the room layout, the period of use.

4 – Reception service
The well-being of your guests must be guaranteed form and within the training rooms. When renting the training room in addition to the room, you can count on our reception service, so you can count on our team to receive your employees and customers and direct them with all comfort to the space where the event will take place. event.

But how to receive well sometimes goes beyond receiving customers, if necessary you can still count on our catering service to be able to provide a Coffee Breaks to your guests.

5- Cost-effective
Renting training rooms is a great choice for all companies or professionals. This is because the service is prepared to have everything mentioned above at an affordable price. You can choose a package of hours according to your needs and ensure that you will have at your disposal everything you need to receive your guests

Looking for a training room to rent? Look no further, at HUB Ativo we have a training room that you can rent. For more information send a message to our contact page or if you prefer, come and visit the Active HUB and get to know our training room and other services that we have for you.

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