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5 Motivos para Alugar um Escritório Privado

Are you starting a new business or just looking for a place to work to get out of the routine of working at home? A private office may be the best solution for you!

In today’s article we will give you 5 reasons why you should choose to rent a private office.

Office furnished and ready for immediate use:
You will not have to worry about spending money on furnishing an office, the offices are already prepared to receive you. Furnished with a dedicated table, comfortable chairs, shelves and Internet access. This way you can use your office to work and to receive your customers in a professional space.

You can extend your Networking:
When renting a private office in a business center, there are other companies using the space of the most varied sectors of work. In this way, you can find a partner, because the work of one can be complemented with that of the other.

The package that benefits you the most:
At HUB Ativo you can find several ways to use our offices, so that you can choose the one that most benefits you and suits you. In addition to the monthly rental, there are hourly packages. With hour packages, if in your case you don’t need an office daily, but spontaneously, you can buy any of our hour packages, and when you need to use the office you just have to give us advance notice, and on the day of your choice , you may come to use the office and the hours you use will be removed from the hours package, until you reach the hourly charge of the package you purchased.

Work efficiently and worry-free:
When choosing to rent a private office, the only concern you will have will be to pay for the rental of the office at the end of the month. This way about a lot more time to devote to your business. Therefore, we believe that you will be able to work in a much more efficient way. When renting a private office, you will not have to worry about electricity, water or internet payments. As we said above, you will already have an office furnished to receive you, correspondence management service, pantry service, daily cleaning and you can still count on the help of the HUB to promote your business or events.

We don’t just stop at the office:
At HUB Ativo, our customers who rent our offices on a monthly basis can also enjoy 4 hours a month to use our meeting room. If you need to meet with customers, future employees of your company or other situations where an office space is not enough, then you will have our meeting room at your disposal.

Are you interested in renting a private office? Come and see the Active HUB, and get to know our offices, training and meeting rooms and other services we have for you. HUB Ativo is located in Portimão, you can come and visit us or if you prefer, contact us through our contact page.

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